Don’t Trivialise Governor Tanko Almakura’s Impeachment Proceedings-NASARAWA PEOPLE’S CONGRESS

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In the wake of the resolution of the Nasarawa State House Of Assembly (NSHA) to begin impeachment proceedings against Governor Almakura and the continued evasion of service of notice by the latter,the state has been avoidably and  regrettably thrown into panic as hoodlums and miscreants were unleashed on the people in the guise of  anti-impeachment protests.
It is very important that the issue is not sensationalised and the intent trivialised .it is also worthy of note that the Nasarawa State House Of Assembly is duty bound by the the constitution to check the excesses of the executive which in this instance,there appears to have been grossly contravened by serial abuses of the office of the Governor by the occupant as alleged. The antecedence and performance of individual members or the house as a whole is immaterial in carrying out this constitutional responsibility. As such the aspersions doctored towards the house is malicious and diversionary.

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We find it very reprehensible that a Government that lays claim to innocence and adherence to the rule of law will encourage and organise protests in a matter that is purely constitutional and debatable. We find It both irresponsible and populist.
The allegations against the Governor are quite weighty and gross as was aptly described by the legislators and will constitute a serious disservice to the good people of Nasarawa state if left unchecked. An expanded list should have included Bigotry, cronyism, nepotism and general ineptitude.
It is very clear that the governor has a case to answer and the earlier he does so the better for every one especially the exploited masses that have always been at the receiving end of this Government’s arbitrariness and deceit.
We are seriously against any moves or efforts  to settle this issue outside the provisions of the law as it is not private or personal ,let the law take its course and we implore Mr. Governor to allow himself be served and very importantly ,reign in his thugs.


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