Don’t Mortgage Your Mandate Rev Felix Johnson Warns Nigerian Voters

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Yakubu Busari


A Presidential aspirant for the 2019 General Election, Rev .Felix Johnson Osakwe has advised Nigerian not to mortgage their future through collection of rice or money but to vote wisely and imbibe a total change of attitude that can promote the tenet of democracy.


He frowned at politician sucking the blood of innocent Nigerian by their desperate mean seeking to grab power by all means which is defiling the land bringing our nation under curse.


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Felix called on Christian to join politics because that is not abomination you are going to serve humanity were i talking during my presentation urging those who  want to go for election should go ahead and seek for people mandate then canvas for its.


He said the 2019 election would never be the same but he is asking that men of God to wake up especially some of them who collect money to pray for politician, saying those who are practicing the politics of collecting money from politician before voting into power should also resist the exercise.


Rev Felix Johnson who was a guest Speaker at the Ebomi International Ministry on two days retreat, theme” Christ centered, Godly leadership for Nigeria” ,says the church need to wake up because the leader have to demonstrate commitment to the wellbeing of their members.


According to him, the church have to stay away from the culture of prayers and take action that can defense the cathedral most politician are using the youth as thugs advising them to take the courage to aspire for elective position.


He emphasized that the consequences of our choice has resulted in the crisis ,,God has given us a nation anything we want but until we measure his discipline were the retreat emphasis more on the attitude and behavior of believers and the consequences of our choice in life .


Asakwe stressed that unless Christian demonstrated their love of God in their daily conduct Jesus is not coming back for a defeated church but for the members who have receive power and cast out the devils.


He urged Nigerian to make right choice of credible leaders that are willing to develop and transform the country that can bring reform to the country.


Rev. Johnson reiterated the need for the country to be restructure which this mandate had to do with the quality of leadership we elected them to govern us .


He charged to be careful of bloodletting politician who display money and buy their conscience and disappear after the 2019 that will not come back against so we need to engage the youth to change their behavior.


Asakwe maintained that he is still consulting with Nigerian and top politician who the response is 95 % positive, we are calling on people elected credible leaders not on the basic tribes or religious but those who can deliver on dividend of democracy to the masses.

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