Director General Metallurgical Center, Jos, In Alleged Lopsided Recruitment

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau youth wings group has petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari government over lopsided promotion as well as recruitment of level 1-6 by the Director General National metallurgical Development Center “NMDC “,Prof Ibrahim Abdullahi Bagudu  ultras in Jos .

The group decried   exclusion of Plateau youths in his recent appointment of over 54 staff of the solid mineral center by the Director-General of the National metrological Development center (NMDC) Jos.

The urged the minister of Solid Minerals, Dr Kayode Fayemi to show commitment in the change agenda of APC government which earlier promised to deliver rule of law.

The spokesman of the Plateau youth wings Hon Sale Bingkur  described the action as “misconduct” and lack due process for refusing to listen to federal character commission on employment on the issue of catchment area.

The statement from Bingkur, said if federal government will bring program that cannot benefit the indigenes of the state then it should be suspended because it’s   imperative on the strength of deluge of petitions to be given accelerated attention.

He pointed there has been several alleged wrong doings in NMDC and subsequent preliminary findings of an Investigative by the Plateau youth Wings Committee set up by Plateau elders group.

The group in its petition stated that the Director General of NMDC has been engaging on illegal employments, none promotion which include 3 years of arrears including others by the appropriate authority carried which contravenes the laid down rules of the Civil Service administration in Nigeria.

He identified that the Investigative Committee made up of three officials found out unauthorised illegal recruitment of staff totalling 45 within a spate of seven months.

According to the statement, other findings by the committee include that; “as at 29th May, 2015, NMDC only had a staff complement of few, but from May, 2015 to 31st December, 2015, additional 45 staff was employed in questionable circumstance despite request from Plateau state”.

“These disclosure were deduced from the records provided by Mr Sale Bingkur,

Our correspondent gathered the Director General of the center, was unable to provide concrete information on whose authority he used embark on the massive recruitment and who granted him the authority for officials recruitment exercise.

On the alleged financial misdemeanour, the Committee opined that the situation in the Agency would require a more detailed professional auditing of NMDC’s finances to determine the true state of the financial health of the Agency.

Consequently, the DG has been insulting the indigents of the state over the demand for appropriate explanation.


Bagudu said that he was  allow for further independent mind to recruit at will, even as he is threatening the media with EFCC and police in case any report of his alleged dirty deal is being expose to the public which includes his stewardship in the last three years.

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