About The Dilapidated And Unusual Condition Of Power Supply In Gamawa Local Government

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To: JED Jos Electricity Distribution Company.

About The Dilapidated And Unusual Condition Of Power Supply In Gamawa Local Government

I’m writing this missive with deep sense of responsibility as being the bona fide indigene  and residence of Gamawa Local Government.

I’m using this medium as the only channel for me to find you easily accessible. I regrettably wish to  acquaint you about the poorly deteriorating condition of power supply in my Local Government.

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Gamawa has been faced off with this what seems like an eternity problem for long time. Despite complaints by different individuals yet no effort has been made beside the increment made in the price of power bill which rises from 1000 to 3000 naira. The most unpleasant and disgusting thing about it is that it seems like we are moved from a frying pan to fire, I mean the power was more available and satisfying when the bill was 1000, and the situation now become even worse and aggravating. Sir, notably among the nagging problems that have been bedevilling our power sector are:

-Uncertain and unfrequented condition of power supply

-Highly exorbitant price in NEPA bill as oppose to the supply of the power that can match the price which rises from 1000 to 3000naira

-faulty condition of our power system With frequent problem that some times causes necessary interruption of the power.

– Its usual now that we mostly enjoy not more than 24-30hours power in a week. That means we are given a day and half or two days power in seven days. And just a week or eight days power in a month.

-Unlike the other places like potiskum,  GOMBE and others who also source their power from same JED, ours is badly unique.

Sir, these are some among the noted problems that need immediate intervention of JED.

Humbly Yours :

Muhammad M Baba Gamawa

[email protected]


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