Devaluation Of Naira Will Inflict Untold Hardship To Nigerians– Pastor Sam

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Yakubu Busari

A resident Pastor of Christ Image Assembly (CIA) Jos branch Pastor Sam Oyewo has said that if government at all level do the right thing and rule in the fear of God the dwindling economy will bounce back.

Pastor Oyewo stated this recently in an exclusive interview in his church office opposite faith Alive Hospital, Jos North Local Government Area, Plateau state.

According to him, the Economy challenges is not peculiar  to  Nigeria only it’s a global issue, the  Bible says there is time and season for everything, the world has been battling with economy recession, God understand why it happen this time, with God on our side, we will overcome it.

Speaking on the issue of devaluation of naira, Pastor Oyewo said he is strongly disagree with the devaluation of naira, because it will inflict  untold hardship to the citizens of Nigeria, it’s not time to devalue naira.

“I want government to consolidate on other aspects of economy by leaving oil sector and consolidate on Agriculture and Mining sector”.

“We are blessed in this country, with time the economy will pick up, rather than devalued the naira, and inflicting hardship on the innocent citizens of the country”.

The administration of President Mohammadu Buhari is less than a year, and I believe God permitted Buhari to be president at this time, so we should be patient with him for some time, I still believe God  will bring divine turn around in the country.

We are praying for Mr President, Judiciary and legislators so that they can be focus and rule in the fear of God.

He said if the youth are waiting only for government to provide employment, they are waiting in vain, he challenged and encouraged the youth to begin to create employment and become employers of labour.

Oyewo reminded people of Nigeria to look inward, there are things they are passionate about and God would give them the ability and capacity to do, if they can do it.

I always encourage my members anytime any day profit is better than wages, if we can use our hand to work or creating business opportunity, we don’t need to wait for government.

Oyewo called on government to do their very best in a way of creating job opportunities for the teaming unemployed youth, so that they will not be an endanger species in the society.

He said Christ Image Assembly is committed in raising prince and kings, God has established the church so that we can raise people that will love and serve the lord with all their hearts and soul.

Oyewo stressed that community based outreach which is a yearly event in the church. Pastor said the programme is a medical mission; this is going to be the twelfth year.

He added that, God has giving us the opportunity to reach out to widows, widowers and less privilege in the society, we started small by God grace we are growing, last year community based outreach was magnificent because we had over 700 people that registered for the program and this year God on our side we expecting  more people.

Oyewo maintained that God gave us the opportunity to be a blessing to people that have medical challenge, last year programme was wonderful we really thank God for it.

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