Delta APC Guber Candidate, Emerhor Is Behind The Purported Advertorial Of Expulsion Of APC Key Players—-Delta APC Leaders

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  • Accuses Emerhor of Renting crowd of boot lickers to canvass for Ministerial Position
  • Cautions General Buhari to be wary of desperate and dubious politicians

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Following an advertorial of an expulsion of some APC key players in Delta state which purportedly signed by Mr. Jones Erue the Delta State APC Chairman and one Mr. Chris Onodjacha who is also the State Assistant Secretary of the APC , APC leaders in Delta State has issued a statement in that regard, accusing the Party Guber candidate in the just concluded Gubernatorial election as the person behind the purported advertorial.
According to the statement signed by leaders of the party in the state which include, Nnamdi Ofuonye (Aniocha North), Hon. David Olayinka Atie( Warri North), Benson Odibi (Ndokwa West), John Atumu(Warri North), Dr.Chris Ugoh(Ika North) and Mr. Siko Enyemi( Warri North), stated that; “On pg. 59 of Vanguard 14th, April 2015 and pg. 62 of The Nation newspapers of 15th, April there were paid advertorial purportedly signed by Mr. Jones Erue – Delta State APC Chairman and one Mr. Chris Onodjacha State Assistant Secretary of the Party.”
The leaders they said that they believe that there are too many absurdities with those publications, the explained thus; “Firstly:- Expulsion is a very serious punitive action to be taken against any erring member of a political party – not to talk of very senior stake holders that play at the National level. Even the National Working Committee cannot expel. Only the National Convention after exhaustive sessions where the accused persons are given a chance of fair hearing can expel.
“Secondly:- The said meeting where the decision was taken supposedly took place on the 13thof April. All followers of the April 11th 2015 gubernatorial elections know that by the 13th of April, 2015 results from Local Government Areas in Delta State were still being collated, so when did the Delta State Executive met to resolve on an issue that had not been concluded,” the leaders stated.
Moreso the leaders said; “All those involved were from one Ethnic group – the Itsekiri. That seemed quite curious. So we decided to dig deeper.”
According to the party leaders, it said its findings revealed the following;
Reporter:             Prophet Jones, there is this advert in a paper yesterday talking about expulsion of three of your members in Delta State
Prophet Jones:         Yeah!
Reporter:             Then am hearing again from the National Chairman’s office at Abuja thatthe State Chairman does not know…………. I said No! It is the Chairman and Secretary whose names are on that….
Prophet Jones:         Please! Please!! Between man and God there was no meeting like that.
Reporter:                   Ok.
Prophet Jones:         Please between man and God there was no meeting. On that day I was never at Asaba
Reporter:                   Ok.
Prophet Jones:         Can we know who brought that…
Reporter:                   I do not know, I just saw it
Prophet Jones:         Why is everybody dodging it?
Reporter:                   I have a statement yesterday asking me to do a report again on that advert that has already come out like a repeat of the same thing.
Prophet Jones:         Who asked you to make a statement on it? I don’t have a PA. I don’t have an SA Media that ……………. My Publicity Secretary is not aware of what is happening. I called my Assistant Secretary whose name is purported to be in that paper. He said he does not know about it.
Reporter:                   Na wa oh!
Prophet Jones:         All I know is that I was not in the meeting. That all I know.
However, the statement stated that; “the State Secretary Mr. Chidi Okonji was contacted. He denied ever attending any such meeting. He was categorical that no such meeting ever took place in Asaba. In a twist of fate however, the conspirators of this plot to embarrass our leaders were brought into the open when we got the irrefutable evidence that confirmed it was Mr. Otega Emerhor’s  personal Aide – Barr Fred Oghenesivbe – that authored this libelous article and paid for it to be published.”
“The pivotal question is what does Mr. Otega Emerhor stand to gain by maligning respectable members of his own party? The answer is simple,” the party leaders asked.
According to them they said; “Mr. Emerhor feels that by throwing mud at Dr. Ideh, Miss Harriman and Mr. A.S Mene, he would succeed in demeaning them and simultaneously launder his own image preparatory to being the only recipient of whatever first-line appointment comes to Delta State.”
However, as it leaders also lampooned Mr. Otega Emerhor of carrying out a lack- luster campaign during the campaign period for the Governorship election. According to them, they said; “Mr. Otega Emerhor conveniently seeks to forget the time-tested adage that: “you only reap where you sow”. Did Otega Emerhor in truth sow any seed that he now hopes to reap? The answer is No.”
“From the moment he got the gubernatorial ticket of the APC in Delta State, his campaign was not more than that of a Local Government Chairmanship candidate seeking office. Instead of having an all-inclusive programme, his, was that of an exclusive club of his tribesmen and political boot lickers. He hoped to use the Umwange declaration-(which states “The Urhobos will only vote for a party that gives its Governorship candidate to an Urhobo man or woman”) – as a life jacket to ride the waves of General Buhari’s success to his own undeserved victory. For example throughout his campaign he never stepped foot on the soils of Burutu or Bomadi local government areas neither did he ever visit Warri South-West or Warri North Local Government Areas. But he ruefully hoped to harvest votes from these places.”
The party leaders also question his loyalty to the cause of APC as they hinted thus; “ And this perhaps led to tongues wagging about his loyalty to the cause of APC. In fact and with the benefit of hindsight we all should have known where his loyalty truly belonged.  It is not a coincidence that sometime in 2013, as the APC Senatorial candidate, for the re-run into the vacant Delta central senatorial seat, he was asked a simple question and I quote his reply:
“O yes! Alliance or no alliance, merger or no merger of APC and DPP, I can assure you that APC will continue to beat PDP as usual in this Senatorial District and eventually in this State. It is only at the National or Presidential level that we shall all vote for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan” (Otega Emerhor Vanguard pg. 45. Aug. 20, 2013). From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A leopard can never change its skin.”
Speaking further on the purported advertorial which they party leaders found out that he was the one that carried it out, the accused of trying to cover it up as they stated thus;  “We know that Otega Emerhor has been putting tremendous pressure on Mr. Jones to accept responsibility for this malfeasance.”  
When Mr. Jones was confronted by a reporter that there is a call for the dissolution of his State Executive Council, he retorted: “Every body has a right to talk to Press, it’s a party matter. And see! Let me tell you I am a dual personality! Am a Bishop! Am a dual personality I don’t fear anybody. Anything I do, I stand by it and I push it to the end. For those who know me, they know am a very strong character. When that thing happened, before you talked to me I have talked to Dr. Alex Ideh. I told him I don’t know anything about it. I called Harriman she refused to take my call.” He went on: “Harriman was given money, she gave it to people, she do not know their character”.
He continued: “Because they are threatening to go to court and this. I will meet any body at the court. If they push me to take a position with the people who did it. If they push me, if they push me to take a position with those people, I will take a position with them”.
“Okposo is my leader but he is a very biased person. If I don’t do a thing I don’t own up to what I do not do. The people who did it as we talk, they are laying pressure on me that I should accept”.
It is clear from the above, that there is a lot amiss in the APC Delta State. How can person’s with this kind of character flaws ever produce anything good.
Stating further the group added; “As we write, crowds of boot lickers are being rented to go demonstrate in support of Otega’ Emerhors Ministerial ambition both at Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s residence in Lagos and later to National Headquarters of APC in Abuja. Some others have even been procured to continue to write disparaging articles against our party leaders. How sad indeed!”
“We know that Otega Emerhor is a man of wealth – a wealth he has been deploying to fight Dr. Alex Ideh, Temi Harriman and Mr A S Mene. But wealth alone is nothing. Much more is needed. We therefore call on the National Chairman Chief Odigie Oyegun to eschew partisanship and to immediately put a surgical blade on Delta APC Executive Committee.
“The Chairman cannot easily forget the  embarrassment caused him by this same Otega-Emerhor- teleguided  Executive, when on the face of an illegally procured false death certificate (that the Sapele-Okpe Federal Constituency APC candidate Mr. Anirah was dead), he the Chairman was deceived into writing to INEC for Mr. Anirah to be substituted. Finally, we call on General Mohamadu Buhari – GCFR, President Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to be wary of desperate and dubious politicians who would do anything to get on his cabinet. The Integrity of this administration cannot ab-initio be compromised,” the leaders added.

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