Curator Jos Museum Charge Youths To Emulate Culture Of Love

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Yakubu Busari

The Duty Director / curator Jos National Museum, Mrs Biemyaan Yashim Bitiyong has charged youths to emulate the culture of love and transparency in their conduct by eschewing violence.

The curator of Jos Museum made this disclosure at the 2017  National Museum Day Celebration held at the headquarters in Jos on Thursday.

Mrs Bitiyong said the national museum Day celebration will bring cultural unity amongst ethics tribes and socio cultural integration within people of diverse culture.

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She has said museums most be thrown open to allow meaningful discussion, meditation and cooperation that will engender peaceful acceptance of a contested tribes in Nigeria.

According to her, the first step is to envisioning a share future under the banner of genius reconciliation which government most play vital role of commitment to the project.

Mrs Bitiyong disclosed that the dramatized in dance drama which is now summarizes the message of this year theme, “I therefore enjoin you all to relax it fight, enjoy and serious beautiful performance of the rich culture of African people”.

She described museums as the history of institutions that serve society and development and society to actively engage in public cultural contest of displaying the culture of people.

The curator advised youth to use culture as unifying factor by identifying with the belief of their people which transient into moral discipline and love to one another.

The celebration witness the display of the rich culture of Mwalghavul, Tarok ,Amor ,Berom ,Afizere were tourist from local and international communities came.

She condemned the level of decay in culture of love and understanding that this generation have resorted to all manner of behavior of impunity and violence which has characterize them.

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