Crisis Rocks Bauchi Government House As SSA Scheduling Allegedly Resigns

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ooooooThe Bauchi State Government at this moment maybe be in crisis following the alleged resignation of the Senior Special Assistant Scheduling to the Governor, Alhaji Tahir Ibrahim Tahir. findings from a close source within the Government House reveal the SSA Scheduling is alleged to have been planted there by the Deputy Governor, Engineer Nuhu Gidado whom Tahir is related through his mother as his mother and the Deputy Governor were born by the same parents.

This medium learnt that, Tahir was allegedly planted there as the SSA scheduling, basically to be his eyes and informant on whatever happens within the government house and governor.

According to a government house source, he told medium that initially Tahir’s office was just next to the governor’s office inside Bauchi government house; “but on realizing that Tahir was a mole, the governor, Mohammed Abubakar, removed him from being SSA Scheduling, changed his office to the reception hall in the government house, and left him without any portfolio,” the source said.

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However, this did not go down well with the Talba of Bauchi and as a result on Friday, 9th October, 2015 he allegedly tendered his resignation letter to the governor through the SSG’s Office; “However, his uncle, the Deputy Governor of Bauchi State, along with some family and friends, were up to 3am on Saturday, 10th October, 2015 all in a bid to prevail on him to withdraw the resignation letter before it is forwarded to the governor. The Deputy Governor directed the SSG not to forward the letter to the governor. But as at the time of filing this report, The Scheduler, as his Twitter handle is reading didn’t state if he has withdrawn the resignation.

This medium also learnt that the governor was angry with the Talba of Bauchi because it was alleged that he was given hundreds of bags of Rice by the Governor to share to the needy during the last Ramadan in the State, but it was alleged that Talba diverted the Rice to his own personal use.

Another issue according to a Government House, which got the governor infuriated, is that during his recent trip alongside the Talba of Bauchi to the Czech Republic, the Talba Bauchi was alleged to have taken photographs of the governor and posted them on his Facebook page, a situation the governor considered embarrassing; the source alleged that; “The Talba also leaked pictures of the governor’s son riding luxurious cars in Czech Republic, which were rumoured to have been purchased by the governor’s son, Sadiq Mohammed Abubakar.”

Meanwhile, learnt that it was alleged that there has been speculations in the state that deputy governor is perfecting plans to dislodge his boss come 2019. Most of the governor’s appointments so far were influenced by the deputy governor, as he is alleged to be planting his cronies at strategic positions within the governor’s cabinet. His popularity surpasses that of his boss because he is said to be relating with the common man more than his boss.

  1. Ibrahim Ibrahim Gamawa says

    hahaha na like

  2. Abubakar Sadiq Ajiya says

    It’s false & he issued this statement:

    They say there is a write up on universal reporters as usual with all sorts of fabrications and lies saying I have resigned.

    It is not true. I still remain the SENIOR SPECIAL ASSISTANT SCHEDULING to Governor M A Abubakar Esq.

    Kindly disregard this unfounded and malicious rumor,

    Thank you

    Nuhu Gidado Bala Mahmood Isyaka Laminu Badamasi Kamal Deen Sani Salihu Habu Mamman Abba Gidado Zaharaddeen Baban Takko Ladan Yusuf

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