Covid-19: Oru-West Lawmaker, Ezerioha Splashes Relief Materials

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Dan Opara

In line for the fight against further spread of the global dreaded killer disease known as Coronavirus (Covid-19), the Imo State House of Assembly, IMHA, member for Oru-West, Hon.Barr.Dominic Ugochukwu Ezerioha, was on last Wednesday, April 8th 2020, courageously splashed some relief materials worth of over N2million to his constituents.


The Oru-West-born-lawmaker, Barr.Ezerioha,while addressing his peoplem disclosed that “globally that there has been an outbreak of Coronavirus otherwise known as Covid-19, which causes illness such as common cold, fever and difficulty in breathing.


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In his awareness campaign againstx the pandemic, he revealed that, ” the virus can spread via droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes and their droplets lands in the mouth or noses of nearby people. It can be contracted by touching contaminated surfaces or objects and touching the eyes, nose or mouth”.


He called on his people to take  responsibility by washing their hands frequently with soap under running water. Avoid touching your face & high-contact surfaces to prevent the contamination of the virus”.


Hon.Ezerioha submitted that over 2,600 women have benefited from his gesture even s he promised to continue sharing of relief materials, even as he advised his constituents to strictly obey the govt.order of stay at home.


Barr.Ezerioha, furthermore thanked the party leadership of Oru-West APC for their support and encouragement towards the successes so far recorded during the lockdown mandates of the Federal and State Govt, as he however extolled the Imo State Governor, Sen.Hope Uzodinma for his seriousness and show of love on the shutdown order.


He vowed to offer quality representation to the people of Oru-West, as he assured to remain a strong voice.


In her own comment, the wife of the Oru-West State Lawmaker, Mrs.Justina Ogechi Ezerioha, thanked the people who trooped out enmasse to receive the items.


She also commended her husband for that singular act which described as a show of love to the constituents even at the face of hunger and covid-19.


“We are delighted, honoured and privileged to display the height of compassion we have for our own people. Now is the time to show signs of love. I am happy, it is a show of love”,She submitted.


A woman who benefitted from the largess ,Ezinne Mrs.Matina Ezeh, extolled the lawmaker for his heart of giving to the poorest of the poor especially as it concerns the women.


Mrs.Ezeh, said, “since the govt. asked us to stay at home and we obeyed the govt.without any financial support but thank God for using one of our sons to feed us. The disease will go soon so that we can visiting our farms and markets”.


Meanwhile, many more women in their numbers from across Oru-West have collectively prayed God Almighty to continue to provide for Barr.Ezerioha.

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