Corruption Is Our Enemy I Will Fight It With The Last Drop Of My Blood–Ribadu By Tom Garba,Yola

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The former  Chairman of Economic and Financial Commission (EFCC) and the gubernatorial aspirant of the  people’s Democratic party, PDP , Malam Nuhu Ribadu has vowed to break the jinx of corruption in Adamawa state, if voted into power come February 2015.  Ribadu assured the people of Adamawa in an interactive community meeting of Jimeta residence in Lelewal motel where the residence trooped from every corner of the city to ask different questions that concerns them to the governorship candidate.
While answering questions from participant in the meeting ,the former EFCC boss said is because of corruption the country is facing all lots of insurgencies, that the government has fail in providing jobs to the teaming youths in the societies as such the youths has become idle.
“My duty is to make sure jobs are created from all parts of the state, Adamawa money is meant for you people no body ,I repeat nobody will steal the money belongs to you, I will utilize it well and bring massive development in the state.” Ribadu said
The meeting became an eye opener to Ribadu as even the physically challenged were there to ask questions, Malam  Isa Adamu ,a blind man asked a question on behalf of the physically challenged people ,that what will be their assurance as physically challenged if Nuhu will be voted in as a governor of Adamawa state, as the economy is so harsh to people who are okay without any disfigure to the extent,  they are turned to artificial beggars than them the nominal ones? Nuhu promised to create a government that will positively engage all.
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“The physically challenged will be gainful employed during my government with meaningful work to do “He promised
Internally displaced persons, IDPs, from difference camps were at the town hall meeting, where Nuhu assured them of immediate fast response  in rebuilding their homes and loans will be given to them to start businesses

“It is touching me badly to realize that thousand of my people don’t have a place to call their own, they don’t have home to lay their heads, is painful and disheartening, it is all because of corruption that led to all this but in promised you that my experience as a security man will never go in vain, I will use all available ways of curtailing the situation within a very shortest possible time” Nuhu added

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