Comrade Azi Promises Empowerment Of Youth In Plateau

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Yakubu Busari

An aspirant for  Forthcoming Plateau state Youth Council Election for Chairmanship, Comrade Peter Azi has promised to empowerment the youth if given the mandate as he assured of building, unity, love, and togetherness among the diverse tribes.

Azi who made the disclosure in a press statement in Jos, says on his Plans and Manifestoes

Can you Introduce Yourself?

Comrade Azi Aware Peter is my name, I hailed from Jos North LGA of Plateau state, I am the immediate past Director of social of the Plateau state Youth Council.

Why are you in the race for the Chairmanship of the Council?

I am in the race to contribute my quota and offer myself as a servant to my fellow, esteemed and dogged youths of Plateau state, my Plans are to engage our dexterous and talented Youths of Plateau state. Our Youths are full of potentials and skills and needed a conducive environment in order to use it in the development of our dear state. Through such engagement and empowerment, we can equally contribute to boosting the internally generated revenue of our state because we will ensure we empower our youths economically, physically, socially, and mentally in order to venture into businesses and other ventures that will create more robust and economic viability of our Beautiful Plateau.

How do you intend to achieve this?

To achieve the feat, there is a need for teamwork and collaboration Among the EXCO, Local Government as well as the District EXCO; we need partnership from both Government and Non-Governmental sector.

Sixty to seventy percent of our population is from Youths constituency, hence, there is a need for so many safe spaces for us in order to engage ourselves and contribute our wealth of our of experience in building our dear state, once our youths are engaged, they will use social media positively not hyping it, once we do that, the fake news, kidnappings, poverty and other social vices and threat to our unity in diversity will put into the race.

Plateau is a miniature Nigeria with about 54 Ethnic groups, and you talk about Unity as one of you cardinal objective, if elected as the Chairmanship of the Council. How are you going to achieve Unity in diversity?

The Bible Book of Amos Chapter verse three says, the two can’t work together, until they agree, if there is anything we need in our state and by extension to our Country 8s unity, especially among our Youths, we need to galvanized ourselves and come under one Banner, Plateau state Youth Council,(PYC) is the Apex Body of all the Youths in the state, we will organize programs that will promote our values and equip ourselves with a sound education, we need Entertainment, Tourism as well as all forms of sporting activities that will unite us.

We need skill acquisition and that can be done by our partners, we will equally diversify our sources of income by acquiring our skills acquisition center that can generate income for us as Youths not only mono source of income that we only depend on Government on Funding.

Farming is another way of generating income Plateau is providing the entire North East with Poultry products, Irish Potatoes from Plateau is the best all over the Country, our Fertile soil can be used for Farming and as EXCO, we will acquire such lands and venture into Agriculture to enable us to carry our programs without hindrance.

Lastly, Political Participation Requires Patience and Hardworking, How will you motivate youths to participate fully in political activities?

As I alluded to, We will achieve this through Awareness and counseling of our Brothers and sisters, PYC is a well-structured Youth organization that is Found in more than eight Districts of the state, We also have EXCO of the seventeen LGA, Central working committee, we will decentralize the system of our administration if the youths of Plateau state bestowed the mandate on us, gone are the days that the Youth Council just being felt in Jos, we will not concentrate at the interior, our programs will be taken to the grassroots and the impact will be felt by hundreds of thousands of our youths residing at the hinterlands, we will equally partner with The leadership of Ethnic Nationalities, Youth Christians Association of Nigeria, Muslim Youth Bodies, and all other youth groups that are will to partner and encourage our youths in different fields of human endeavors. We want our Youths to say no to Political thuggery, Arson, Vandalism, Drug Abuse, Prostitution, Rape, School dropout, and all other social vices and not only venture into politics but contests elections. I’m quite elated with the first Black man that won Election to the House of Representatives in the United States and he is From Kwara state, He has a PhD in Pharmacy, He is thirty years old, a youth, I am equally encouraged by Youths from Plateau state like Jerry Malo, Zang Bot and host of others they have excel as youths, the Speaker of the Plateau state House of Assembly is a youth, we can learn from them and other numerous youths that have achieved in their various fields of human endeavors.

Youth problems like economic and skills Empowerment, Employment, security, Quality Education cannot be achieved without youth venturing into Politics.

Finally, What was your achievement when you served as the previous EXCO.

We achieved a lot as EXCO, we were elected in 2017 and served four three years, after being in comatose for over eight years, despite the fact that the tenure was inundated with a lot of challenges, we were able to train numerous of the Plateau Youths on Various skills acquisition in partnership with the Plateau state Medium Enterprises Development Agency(PLASMEDA) Industrial Training Fund(ITF) Among others

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