Clarification With Regards To The Position Of His Excellency Governor Abdullahi A Sule On The Issue Of N30,000 Minimum Wage

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The attention of the Directorate of Strategic Communication and Press Affairs to His Excellency Governor Abdullahi A Sule has been drawn to a distorted news report which claims that Engineer Abdullahi A Sule has made a policy statement that Nasarawa State government will commence the payment of N30,000 minimum wage from October 2019.

This report is fake and a deliberate distortion of the comments made by His Excellency at the ongoing Retreat for Top Government Functionaries.

To put the issue in its clear and resoundingly factual context, His Excellency made THREE COMMENTS: THAT

(1): During the Governor’s Forum discussions, it was collectively agreed that All Governors will abide by the law to implement the wage which stipulates that workers should receive wages above the N30,000 threshold.

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SECONDLY (2): That all Governors will discuss with Labour in their various states and be TRANSPARENT about the true status of earnings, IGR and inflow of revenue to the states as the discussions unfold

(3): THIRDLY the Governor told the top government functionaries that the federal government was PRESENTLY retrieving the bail out loan and budget support granted to states from 2016 EVEN as cash flow from Federal allocations have began to dwindle and reduce at the moment. His Excellency Engineer Abdullahi A Sule therefore said that at the time he will discuss with labour about implementation of the N30,000 minimum wage, he will open the books to the unions and request that collectively labour and government should take the best decision in the gretear interest of Nasarawa State.

While the fake news instantly being bandied around has inflamed His Excellency because it deliberately chose to create a needless controversy, we are responding as a government which respects the tenets of accountability and open governance that the process is ongoing and governments intention is to continually protect the welfare of civil servants while ensuring the survival of Nasarawa State.

Furthermore we in the Directorate of Strategic Communication and Press AFFAIRS are proud to say that in Nigeria,  we are THE ONLY Media office to a Governor which has written and formally adopted a MEDIA POLICY which we have shared with our respected journalists operating in Nasarawa State whereupon the council setup a committee to study our Media Policy and give their  inputs. Therefore we trust in the ethical behaviour of journalists in Nasarawa State.

Finally I wish to affirm that I have contacted the Chairman of Correspondents Chapel in Nasarawa Mr. Isaac who is also from NAN ( News Agency of Nigeria) who were purported to have released this fake news. And Mr. Isaac has said that the report which his colleague Mr. Sunny filed today about the proceedings at the Retreat was completely taken out of context. And that NAN in Lafia did not file this fake news in the twisted context that it was presented. The Directorate therefore urges the public to disregard this misrepresentation and support our journalists as they continue to report the affairs of government and discharge their respected work with professionalism, balance and fairness.

Thank You.  Signed,

Yakubu Lamai,

Director General, Strategic Communication and Press AFFAIRS to

HE Governor Abdullahi A Sule

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