Change Mantra, But Governor Abubakar Returns With The Same Old Problems (1)

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Mukhtar Muhammad Mk

The emergence of APC’s new administration in 2015 was marked as the beginning of new Nigeria by many analysts and well-wishers of Africa most populous country. This is because of the confidence Nigerians have in President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the APC.

Less than one year of APC ‘s administration things took new dimension, as the same people that campaigned the change reshaped their sword as the main saboteurs of President Buhari who has a good will of moving Nigeria from despair.

Nigerians voted out PDP because they are not happy with the state of affairs expecting APC will run a corruption-free administration, boost the economy, wipe out corruption and insecurity as well as improve the standard of education of the country.

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Even though President Buhari has demonstrated his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises despite the sabotage from his fellow members of APC especially in the National Assembly, but Governors returned with the same old problems.

Most of the states’ Governors did not know the focus of their administration yet leaving the masses in jeopardy.

In Bauchi State, the old story has not changed yet, as irregularities became the order of the day. The only change witnessed so far is a change of expectations which has been “From hope to despair”.

Since Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar assumed the leadership of the Peal of Tourism, the state declines steadily as the administration has not fulfill even one of its campaign promises yet.

In education sector, the new administration of GMA debilitated the standard from bad to worse. The schools have no infrastructure and the teachers’ entitlements remains unpaid. The government owed teachers one to six  month salaries despite the mega-billion bailout received from the Federal Government. Another sign of abundance to the sector is failure of the state government to pay the 2016 WAEC registration fees for the students of public secondary schools across  the state in the appropriate time, where the examination body held the results for more than one month. The worse outcome of issue is that the affected students might not participate in the Post UTME Screening being conducted by the Universities and they are liable to lose the admission.

Corruption is one of the reasons that Nigerians substituted PDP with APC. In the Bauchi, the old story was not changed yet. Over 70 billion Naira was received by M AAbubakar led administration as monthly statutory allocation and bailout in it’s first year, hence workers and pensioners owe the salaries despite the fact that they receives the monthly statutory allocation month-in month-out.

It was alleged that, on the governor’s assumption of office, he collected N4 billion loan when both the state assembly and the state executive council were yet to be constituted. With the constitution of the legislative arm, the law makers expressed their dissatisfaction and threatened to impeach the governor before they resolved in close door.

Liberty, Freedom of speech, choice, expression and association are the primary dividends of democracy, but the story is different in Bauchi state as the opposition was denied opportunity to discharge their responsibilities as oppositions. They were being humiliated, intimidated, threatened and in some cases arrested or chased out of the state for saying the truth about the government. The clear evidence is the arrest of Mallam Musa Azare, an independent journalist and social commentator who shows his concern about the current condition of the state.

Similarly, the government revoked the certificate of occupancy of land used by the African International Television, AIT and Ray-Power FM station both owned by DARR Communications for airing programs sponsored by the critics of GMA’s administration.

Nepotism is another factor that frustrated the good people of Bauchi State during the administrations, even though the long awaited change seems to have occurred, Governor Abubakar returned with the same old problems. This is because most of his appointments are based on sentiments, where incompetent Parsons appointed into the position in the state a situation compounded the decline of the state.

In a nut-shell, the good people of Bauchi state interpreted the word “Change” as “Deception” because Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar returned with the same old problem…

To be continued…

Mukhtar Muhammad Mk.


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