Buhari Has Been Making Appointments Without Consulting State Governors-Gov Lalong

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Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State has stated that the State governors are not happy they are being left out by President Buhari in appointments making by President Buhari.

According to Lalong he said appointments into government offices are made without resort to the governors, even as he added that those who don’t have the ability to defend the actions of President Muhammadu Buhari are the ones that are benefiting from Federal Government appointments.

Speaking on Friday in Abuja at the commissioning of the Buhari Support Organisation office in Abuja, said the government must be made aware that things are not working the way they should, as he hinted thus; “If things are wrong they are wrong, if they are right they are right.

“But it requires very courageous people to come out and say these thongs are wrong or they are right.

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“Let Mr. President be aware that this is the time to do it because even as governors we are also complaining in our various states, we are saying it.

“We complained in our states that we sit down and we hear appointment made and then people start asking you as the governor where is this man coming from?

“But when we turn right and turn left, we don’t know where such a person is coming from.

“Many people have complained.

“I’m sure governors have complained that we should be able to know who and who will protect Mr. President and his administration.

“When I heard that BSO is coming back again, I said is it not too late because if you allow people to grumble too much, you will see fight in several states and some of them are for a just course.

“Somebody suffered for the party, the person is not rewarded and you wake up to see another man who even fought you, the man who made you to lose your job is now being appointed and the one who suffered is sitting down.

“Sometimes he will be looking for tears to cry and the tears will not be there because they are dry.

“Like our chairman said to me, it is not too late.

“This is the time to start because this is the time you will hear a lot of things coming.

“People who have not served will come back and say I had served this way, I had served that way, but the records are there.

“The records cannot tell lie.

“If it is true that they served this way, they served that way, let the record speak.”

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