Buhari Appoints Deputy Directors-General (DDGs) At The National Intelligence Agency (NIA)

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President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the appointment of Ambassador Apollonius Demenongu AGEV from Benue State (North Central) AND Mr. Kio Solomon Benibo AMIEYEOFORI from Rivers State (South-South) as Deputy Directors-General (DDGs), at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

The appointments are in fulfillment of Para. 4 (1) & (2) of the relevant Instrument establishing the NIA.

The Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency (DGNIA), in line with the provisions of the Instrument under reference, will assign areas of responsibilities to the DDGs who will assist him in carrying out his functions as Director-General.

The appointments take immediate effect.

Olusegun A. Adekunle, Esq.

Permanent Secretary, GSO

for: Secretary to the Government of the Federation

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