Boko Haram Kill 12 Soldiers, 7 Police Officers In Recent Attacks-JTF

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The commander of the military joint task force fighting northeastern Nigeria’s Islamic uprising admits 12 soldiers and seven police officers were killed in recent attacks.
Earlier the military had said only two soldiers and one police officer were killed when suspected members of the Boko Haram terrorist network attacked a military base and police outpost near Nigeria’s border with Cameroon on Aug. 4.

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Maj. Gen. Jah Ewansiah made the admission Saturday when he spoke to the Borno state governor and journalists were present.
He said that despite the losses the task force is “resolute and committed to ensure that peace is completely restored in Borno state, even if it means losing our lives.”
Thousands more troops were sent into northeastern Nigeria after a state of emergency was declared mid-May.

Source: AP

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