Boko Haram: Insurgents Were Dislodged From Their Hiding Places-Local Hunters By Tom Garba, Yola

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Since the involvement of local hunters to fight the insurgents and to help in stabilizing the security in north eastern Nigeria, the venture seems to be  paying in as their efforts is rising hopes in the heart of many Nigerians that the miscreants killing innocent soul are mere mortal and not spirit or super being humans, it is an indication of  one day there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel.
Our correspondent interviewed Maurice Isaac the secretary of the local hunters in Ribadu square, Yola while on a daily routines meetings before taking off for a face to face battle with the insurgents who have all form of sophisticated weapons but the local hunters seems to be winning the Battle with just local weapons and den guns. When asked a question of their secret of success against this evil people.
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He said; “Because what we are doing is genuine, we have a single mind and with confidence that God is on our side we are chasing and dislodging them of their permanent place of living”
On the recent show down of clash between the hoodlums and men of the Nigerian Army, intelligence source revealed that most of the members of the insurgents killed are not Nigerians but foreigners who do not know the terrain of our country and even the antiques on how fight the battle.
Mariuce confirmed the statement by showing our correspondent pictures of dead people who do not look like Nigerians in appearance and facial looks
He said the situation is indeed under control as Gombi,Hong, Michika and Mubi has been taking over by the Nigerian army whom they have been given their support to.

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