Boko Haram/Herdsmen: Ethnic Nationalities Group Berths In Nigeria, Vow To Defend Lands, Territories

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***says Audu Ogbeh should relocate to Katsina after tenure








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We have observed with sadness over the years and especially since the emergence of the President Muhammad Buhari’s administration the targeted annihilation of the ethnic minorities in Nigeria. We have since realized that both Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen militia are brothers in arms against the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria in a brazen land grabbing and expansionist Fulani jihad.




It is evident that Boko Haram and Fulani militia have not only infiltrated the government of Nigeria, but government is directly or indirectly aiding and supporting daily evil perpetrated against the ethnic nationalities. Government rebranding of terrorist and Fulani militia as hoodlums or criminal elements does not change who truly they are. There are evidence of military killer squads targeting ethnic nationalities apart from the recycling of released terrorists into the Nigerian security or Fulani militia.




The government’s negotiations with Boko Haram and release of billions for them to be empowered is calculated and deliberate. Recent government negotiations to settle Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association with over N100 billion through one of their own agent, Gen. Abdulrahman Danbazau (retd), the Interior Minister is not a surprise to us. We know who he is! No matter how much you give the terrorist from our sovereign wealth to arm their armoury and mercenaries, they can never take our ancestral land and each of you will pay.




Let it be on record that we have decided to form the Ethnic Nationalities Defence Organization (ENDO) to protect, defend and retaliate on any affront against the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria or our territories. Let us warn the Buhari government or any foolish governor against taking or giving any inch of ethnic nationalities land for Fulani cattle ranch or grazing. They should graze in their states of origin. Meanwhile, Audu Ogbe should be ready to resettle in Katsina after his tenure as Minister of Agriculture.




Lastly, we call on all ethnic nationalities to form their defence groups or militia or be ready to lose their ancestral lands after being killed as cowards and chickens in the hands of either the compromised Nigerian Army or Fulani militia and terrorists. Ours is, an eye for and eye and 10 for 1. Let’s see, who has the monopoly of violence. Ours is non-negotiable  until the evil against all ethnic nationalities by government and Fulani herdsmen militia is halted.




Sign: David Maiyaki






Freedom Musa


Director information/Strategy




Nehemiah Maihaikali


Director of Operations




Sunday May 19 2019

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