Boko Haram Abandoned Heaps Of Arms In Baga

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Troops engaged in cordon and search in Baga  continue to discover more arms of various background and shapes abandoned in some houses and the surrounding by fleeing terrorists. Heaps of weapons most of which were strange looking or destroyed are still being gathered. Many abandoned or destroyed motorcycles have also been discovered.
A soldier was stabbed while another was shot during a close quarter battle which ensued  as troops involved in cordon and search caught up with some of the fleeing terrorists yesterday evening.  A number of individuals who claimed to be residents are also being interrogated in order to ascertain their identity and motive.
The group consisting mostly women continued to hail and cheer the troops as they conduct thorough search in the area. Wanting to be sure the group was not working for the terrorists despite the excitement, they had to be placed under watch.
The cordon and search as well as patrol of the localities continue while the offensive on terrorists is progressing in other areas of the theatre of the counter terrorist campaign.
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Major General
Director Defence Information 

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