Blames FG, States, Of Insecurity Challenges In Nigeria  – Dr Nankap-Lamle Cry Out

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Yakubu Busari


A University of Jos under the center for conflict management & peace studies,  Dr. Elias Nankap-Lamle,  has blamed the current insecurity challenges on the prevalent injustice and blatant disregard for the rule of law in the country, which if not checked will plug the nation into serious danger.



He advocated  on how the federal government as a matter of urgency institute Justice and rule of law  to end insecurity ravaging  Nigeria sovereignty


Lamle made the called on his keynote address at the 2021 Law Week of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Pankshin Branch held at Kanke Resort, Kabwir, Kanke local Government Area of Plateau.




Lamenting in his paper titled: “The Rule of Law and Good Governance: Tools for Stemming the Tide of Insecurity in Nigeria” the lecturer said, “there has never been a robust observance of the rule of law in Nigeria, whereas where lies injustice, lies insecurity.”


“These, very well explained the reason insecurity has pervaded the country today. Sad enough, Judges, who are expected to be courageous, impartial, independent, just and be respecters of no persons no matter how highly exalted their positions in the society may be, have failed.


“The major issue here is that without an independent judiciary with incorruptible judges, the rule of law cannot be sustained,” he stated


He noted, “In Nigeria, we only have strong personalities but weak institutions as oftentimes, public servants, especially chief executives, behave and carry themselves about as if they are above the laws or are not subject to any authority.”


According to him, by the demands of the rule of law, the government and its officials are duty-bound to respect and obey the law in all its actions.


The speaker said the government must also address other issues like illegal arrest, detentions, trials, banning of trade unions and popular organizations, harassment of civil rights campaigners; illegal proscriptions of media houses, extra-judicial killings and other hostile acts against the citizenry perpetrated by Nigerian leaders that have become a daily occurrence in every state of the Federation.

“The farther our journey into democracy, the clearer it becomes that Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb, owing to some inconsistencies in the provisions in the nation’s Constitution!


“Problematic institutions and patterns established by the 1999 Constitution as amended have facilitated conflicts in the Middle Belt, the Niger Delta militancy, persistent clashes between farmers and herders, settlers and indigenes, and ethno-religious groups and kidnappings,” he said.


He disclosed that as part of panacea to the nation’s security challenges, three reforms should be undertaken in order to remedy the institutional and legal atmosphere in Nigeria to promote stability.


He asserted that decentralization of police and institution of state oversight, Synthesizing a new indigeneity definition (at parliament level)  and Reduce barriers to land registration and engage in programs to encourage women to register land would go a long way.


The Don further said, “the scale of displacement across northern Nigeria is a national crisis, which calls for the institution of exceptions to indigeneity in times of crisis to serve as part of solutions to insecurity in Nigeria.”

Earlier in his welcome address, the Pankshin Branch NBA Chairman, Mr Nenfwang Yilji, said that the law week was meant to open opportunity for discussion on topical issues that will add value to the society hence the choice of the Theme: ” The Rising tide of insecurity in Nigeria, which way out.”

Yilji said, “security is the most vital element in human life,  without which social, economic and political achievements can’t be attained.”


“More worrisome is the fact that despite beautiful pronouncements by Governmental on the steps being taken to curb this insecurity menace, it has remained a mirage.

“It’s our collective responsibility as social engineers and Ministers in the temple of Justice, to promote the rule of law and add our voices and take firm position against the rising cases of insecurity in Nigeria,” he stated.

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