Benue, Taraba Joint Peace Meeting Hold In Nasarawa State

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Rabiu Omaku

The Government of Benue and Taraba States has intensified efforts aimed at bringing lasting solutions to the unabated skimishes that ravage the two sister States.


Nasarawa State Governor, Engr.Abdullahi Sule in his opening remark, commended the Governors of the two warring States to embrace peace amongst the different ethnic groups in the State.


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He disclosed that the only solution to the mass exodus of Tiv’s indigenes of Nasarawa State moving from Nasarawa to Benue State must be a thing of the past.


He advised the two States to shift ground by sending back Tiv’s of Benue State back to their State of origin,as well send back Nasarawa State TIV’s to their permanent abode in case of any crisis.


Governor Sule maintained that that would be the only and everlasting solution to the differences.


The Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe who was amongst the judge in the mediation meeting insisted on peaceful co-existence as brothers.


The Deputy Governor of Benue, Taraba and Nasarawa,SSG’s,selected Commissioners from the two States are also in attendance.


It was expected that the two States will came up with a Communiqué on issues discussed.

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