BCO National Chairman, Danladi Pasali Joins 26 Aspirants   For Jos North/Bassa Bye-Election Race In Plateau,”Lament Poor Representation”

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Yakubu Busari


At least no fewer than 26 aspirants of the All Progressives Congress, APC, are now jostling for the Jos North, Bassa House of Representative seat for the forthcoming bye-election in Plateau state including the National Chairman of Buhari Campaign Organization, BCO,  Hon Danladi Pasali.


Amongst the top contestants are, Sadeeq Shaibu Ajula alias Plaza, Godfrey Teme, Hon Lumumba Adah Adeh , among others.


Speaking on his ambition to vie for the post, BCO, Chairman, Danladi Pasali says, what prompted him to join the race was to salvage the people’s of Jos North, Bassa from the unemployment and poverty that since the return of democracy their people are yet ripe the benefit of qualitative representation.


According to him, after series of wide consultations with the stakeholders of Jos North, Bassa, the people urged him to gun for the position and bring in his experience to the development of the constituency which has suffered setbacks over the years.


He disclosed 22 years ago the people of Jos North, Bassa are yet to be represented but he vowed that if given the mandate to be representative empowerment, job creation and people-oriented programs would be his only target.


Alh  Pasali said president Muhammadu Buhari is doing many things at the national level that is not being felt in plateau state, by extension in Jos North/Bassa Federal Constituency.



He pointed out that Jos North /Bassa people are not been lucky with lists of politician representing them since the return of democracy so we need a political proactive representative in this country because  Over 20 years now reflect negative representation on the people of the constituent with retarded development projects in the zone.


Alhaji Pasali is one of the aspirants who is vying for the vacant seat of the House of Representative at the National Assembly representing Jos North /Bassa Constituency following the death of Alhaji Haruna Maitala in an auto crash along Jos Abuja road a few weeks ago stated this in an interview with journalists in Jos, Plateau state capital.



Pasali who doubled as the National Secretary of Petroleum Marketers Association said that Governor Simon Bako Lalong is trying his possible best to fix the state considering the situation it was before the coming of the present administration, but he needs somebody with federal might that can influence things and make it happen.



According to him, he has traveled around over (660 ) six hundred and sixty local governments to campaign for president Mohammed Buhari to ensure APC win the election, in fact, APC win at all levels.


He disclosed that. “If you talk of developmental projects, the governor is doing his best, as a journalist, you can go and do your findings before the coming of this administration, salaries were not paid”.



In the last administration, what were the salaries of average Nigerian workers and what are they earning now?


If could remember in plateau state, before the coming of Lalong, workers were owning Nine months salaries have not been paid arrears of pensions and gratuities, now we know that workers received their salaries on or before the 25th of every month which is an indication that we are forging ahead.

Even in the area of agriculture, many people have been mobilized back to farm despite some pockets of saboteurs here and there.


The first zonal chairman of APC in the state and the root formation of the party in the state and the interim Committee chairman northern zone said the people of his Constituency have been insisting that I must come out and contest for the position for the bye-election which I have made a lot of consultation to that respect and make my position know to contest.



My worry is that we have not be able the dividend of democracy in Jos North/Bassa Constituency. APC is a party that have to do with emancipation of Nigeria people from misgovernment of the PDP for years.




Pasali further added that during that period many people voted in and Jos being a cosmopolitan City needs people that have the contact, link, and connections to bring so much dividend of democracy to the state because the state has been so much left behind.



Alhaji Pasali praised the Governor of Plateau State Simon Bako Lalong for the relative peace been enjoying in the state after what the state had gone through for the past 20 years.


He lamented the federal government’s numerous empowerments that are not reaching the people of his Constituency largely because of the lack of proactive of the past representatives.


“There are lots of employment the federal government been doing, we haven’t been seen it in our Constituency, so as for now, I am assuring you I have made all necessary consultations and make up my mind to come out to liberate the people of my Constituency if l am given the mandate.”



“In term of employment opportunity for the people in our Constituency, we have been very backward, our previous representatives have done nothing in that regard,l think Jos North/Bassa has had a long term crisis that needs to be resolved.”



On the alleged not much achievement by APC since coming on board, Alhaji Pasali said the gospel truth is that the party had done it best, you can see that in the state there is now constant power supply and had sustained peace in the state which is now bringing more investments in the state.



“People are investigating their resources and so many other things, so Governor Lalong needs more capable hands that will go and give him more support at the federal level that is the like of myself.



On the issue of insecurity threatening the country especially North East of the country, he stressed that the issue of insecurity is something that the APC administration inherited from the long maladministration of PDP as the insurgent in the North East forcefully occupied not fewer than twenty local government by Boko Haram during the PDP administration.



“And they are been installed their flags in the territory they claim they have ceased from the community. Right now there are no parts of Nigeria that is being controlled by Boko Haram insurgent.”




He frowned at the insinuations from some quarters that APC has lost grip of fighting the insurgent that is causing havoc in the North East and where they operate in any parts of the country.



He added that the control of insurgent war is not a conventional war, is more of a guerrilla war where you didn’t see the person or group you are engaged in a fight.



“For the past 25 years America soldiers were in Afghanistan it was recently with the coming of this present president of America they are withdrawing their army.”



This is just to tell you that you can’t combat insurgency for one day as it’s not a conventional war, but more or less a gorilla war and there are lots of saboteurs within the system sabotaging the government efforts.


“If you look at what is happening in Benue and other states which clearly shows it’s politically  motivated.”



That is why you continue to see issues countering each other every day, today you hear that Fulanis are killing, tomorrow those arrested are not the Fulanis.


Pasali cited example with what happened recently in Bassa local government of the state you even discovered that the killing being perpetuated in the is been done by the police who is saddled with the responsibility of protecting live and properties, these are some of the things that have been happening to set the two tribes hitherto living peacefully against themselves.


And called all hands to be on deck, the journalists must do their work well, do their research before going to the press as security is the responsibility of each and every Nigerian.



He said the All Progressive Congress (APC) has all it takes to win the election, because it has structure, even within the APC, the APC member knows Who is the real APC, the people who can deliver the dividend of democracy.


There are people who have been tested and trusted, and there are people that are not even in any system.


My call to my  Constituency is that Jos North/Bassa is the heartbeat of APC, so if you are talking of APC, you know this is the center point.

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