Bauchi Sharia Impounds N20 Million Meant For Non-Muslims

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The sum of over 20 million withhold by Muslims resulting from business transactions was retrieved and returned to non-Muslims by the Bauchi State Sharia Commission since its establishment in 2001.
According to the chairman of the commission, Mustapha Baba, the commission receives complaints from Muslim against Muslim and Christian against Muslim but not Muslim against Christian as part of its justices.
Mallam Mustapha Baba explained that sharia hinges on Muslims but if a non-Muslim feels comfortable to lodge complaint or grievance to the commission against a Muslim, its obliged to receive such and adjudicate justice between them.
Baba, speaking when members of Arewa Citizen Action for Change (ACAC) paid him a courtesy visit in his office, stated that the religion of Islam does not provide its adherent compel a non-Muslim to embrace the religion or adhere to its jurisprudence.
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He said however that there are certain acts such as drinking or selling of beer which both Islam and Christianity forbids, and which the commission prosecute such offenders in Magistrate Court but not Sharia court.
Alhaji Mustapha Baba commended the ACAC for its crusade of educating the youths on dangers inherent in social vices, and the need for unity among different peoples irrespective of religions or tribes.
The National Chairman of the Arewa Citizen Action for Change (ACAC), Barrister Sadiq Abubakar had earlier said his organization comprised Christian and Muslim youth forge to ensure unity among people for sustainable development.
Barrister Sadiq Abubakar expressed dismay at ways and manners politicians use youths across the two major religions to ignite disturbance or social disorder to satisfy their whims and caprices or to achieve certain political goals.
Abubakar explained that the Arewa Citizen Action for Change is geared to educate or enlighten citizens on the need for peaceful and harmonious co-existence among them as, according to him, no meaningful development can be achieved without peace.
“let adherents of the two major religions, Christianity and Islam join hands in harmony and peaceful co-existence for the followership to emulate towards creating an egalitarian society where each and every citizen would have sense of belonging”, he said.

He stated that the ACAC is also poised to bring back the North lost glory by charting a course for unity, understanding and brotherhood among the people, stressing that neither Islam nor Christianity preach violence.   

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