Bauchi Govt Of Wasteful Spending: How Gov. Abubakar Awarded N272.3 Million Contract For The Supply Of Furniture In His Official Residence

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The Bauchi State Government has been branded a government of wasteful spending, owing to a bogus award of contract for supply of furniture for his official residence in Govt. House Bauchi.

In a statement signed by Bauchi Coalition Against Financial Crimes and Injustice, BACAFI’s, Secretary Yakubu Jibrin he said; “BACAFCI, is always worried about the continuous wasteful spending of public funds by various administrations in Bauchi State, in the past and now.”

The statement also hinted that prior to the exit of Ex- Isa Yuguda’s administration; Bauchi Government House was thoroughly renovated and well furnished, especially the official residence of the Governor.

‘The administration of Governor Mohammad Abdullahi Abubakr, approved the purchase of new set of furniture for his official residence. We want to know what happened to the ones he met at his inception as the Governor. Official residence of the Governor is not a place where everybody goes at will, which will cause dilapidation of the existing ones. If new set of furniture were supplied, where are the old ones,” BACAFI said.

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Exposing the massive contract award details BACAFI said; Messrs. Emymariam Nigeria Ltd, was awarded a contract for the supply of furniture to suit the Governor’s taste. The actual contract sum was One Hundred and Fifty Seven Million, Three Hundred and Sixty Three Thousand Naira (N 157, 363, 000. 00). In which 70% payment was conducted, One Hundred and Ten Million, One Hundred and Fifty Four thousand, Four Hundred and Five (N 110, 154, 405 .00).”

“According to the contract agreement, the supplier requested for variation of the contract sum to Two Hundred and Eighty Five Million, Three Hundred and Thirty Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Naira ( N 285 , 337 , 500 .00 ),” BACAFI said.

It was gathered that the contractor complained that, additional furniture items were omitted, and a change of the 14 seater dining table from fabric to Italian leather as directed by His Excellency the Governor, as well as provision of 18 television stands and wall hangers; “This means, the contractor is asking for additional sum of One Hundred and Twenty Seven Million, Nine Hundred and Seventy Four Thousand, Five Hundred Naira (N 127, 974, 500. 00 ), just for omitted furniture items, One dining table and 18 television stands with 8 hangers for only one house.”

“The award letter further stated that, the variation request of the supplier was sent to due process office for vetting. The due process office cut the variation request to One Hundred and Fifteen Million, and Four Thousand Naira (N 115 , 004 , 000 .00 ). The difference between the supplier’s request and the due process office is only Twelve Million, Nine Hundred and Seventy Thousand, Five Hundred Naira ( N 12 , 970 , 500 . 00 ).”

BACAFI said thus; “The question is, if the State has enough money to waste on furniture that will not benefit anyone in the entire State, why not commence the payment of our helpless retirees their constitutional entitlements, which they have been waiting for several years. Even if those set of furniture were purchased as claimed, it’s only one person will enjoy them, that’s the (Governor).

“In this case what value has it added to the people of Bauchi State? In fact the initial contract sum of over ( N 157 Million ) is terrible, not to talk of the variation of over ( N 115 Million ) in addition.”

“The total contract sum has the approval of Two Hundred and Seventy Two Million, Three Hundred and Sixty Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Naira (N 272, 367, 500. 00 ), just for furniture,” BACAFI concludes.

Contract Award Letter And The Approval Of The Governor Dated 27th/02/2017.

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