How Bauchi Governor, Mohammed Abubakar Was Allegedly Stoned, Booed And Pelted By Aggrieved Villagers, Youths At Inkil, Bauchi

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Apparently dissatisfied with the way Governor Abubakar is ruling the state, aggrieved youths in Bauchi two days stoned, pelted and booed the State Governor, Abubakar Mohammed on his way to Bauchi from Gombe where he went for a condolence visit of his late uncle. learnt from a close source that the alleged incident happened at Inkil a village which is just 3km from Bauchi town.

“It just happened when the Governor was returning from the condolence visit of his late uncle who died in Gombe,” the source told this medium.

According to source, he said; “As soon as his convoy approached Inkil, an army of aggrieved youths and villagers who were already waiting for him, started to stone his convoy, not only that they also pelted him with sachet water popularly called pure water in Nigerian parlance.”

“I can tell you that he was not only stoned and pelted with sachet water, he was booed by the youths, and they also made derogatory statement about him, as they were shouting one tenure signifying that he will only do one term. More so they also derided him as they were gesticulating hysterically with their hands showing him only four fingers which signify that he will only go for one term.” who it was alleged that he was infuriated and confused with the action of the villagers and the youths allegedly arrested five youths.

Meanwhile, another source told this medium that the incident that happened on Thursday may have triggered fear on the Governor as he observed his Jumat prayer at the Mosque at the army barrack for fear being attack rather than the usual one he normally attends which is Masjid Abu Huraira Mosque which is not far away from the Government House.

As at the time of filling in this report, it is not confirmed if the youths have been released.


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