Bauchi Gov. Pay Wives N72 Million Yearly, Spends N960 Million For Feeding In Govt. House, But Can’t Pay N100 Million For Bauchi State University Courses Accreditation

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Students of the Bauchi State owned University, Bauchi State University Gadua, BASUG, offering some professional courses risks not being graduated; this is due to the non-accreditation of some courses offered by the university.

A peep into National University Commission’s website shows that Bauchi State University which was established in 2011, has few courses that have full accreditation, while majority of the courses that are being offered by the school are on Interim accreditation basis, meanwhile majority of the Professional courses such as Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, and others are not even on the list of accredited courses either interim, full or denied, but however, the institution is already listed these courses as the ones they offer. findings reveal that the university has its first accreditation in 2014, where courses such as Accounting, Business Administration, and Public Administration, also with full accreditation includes Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology, and Physics, while Zoology and Biochemistry have interim accreditation.

Also during the 2014 accreditation, courses such as Arabic, Hausa, English Language, Islamic Studies, as well as Economics, Political Science and Sociology all have interim accreditation.

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As learnt by this medium, a look at the university’s website indicates that under About the University page, shows that from paragraph three of that page reads thus; “Bauchi State University was established under the Bauchi State law promulgated in 2010. In March 2011 Bauchi State Government appointed a consultant to resolve all outstanding issues and put finishing touches necessary for the smooth take-off of the University to commence academic programmes in the 2011/12 session.

Consequently, three campuses were approved, one in Gadau (Azare) which will be the main campus and home to the University’s apex administration, then Misau campus and Bauchi campus respectively.”

By the end of second phase 2016/17 to 2021/22, Bauchi State University is expected to have the following faculties and programmes.


Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
Postgraduate School
Center for Ecology Research

Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Law


Faculty of Social and Management Science
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Environmental Science,

With above the faculties listed above to have commenced by the institution since the 2016/2017 session and up to the 2021/22 session, it means there is no accreditation yet for the majority of the professional courses such, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, even Agricultural programmes as well post-graduate courses.

Meanwhile, the Governor has come under fire by some citizens of the statement, over the non-refusal of his government to release funds for the State University’s accreditation, a situation which they said may make the school lose accreditation for some of the courses it offers. One of them, Musa Azare a social critic and commentator, Musa Azare he stated in his Facebook Timeline said; “In Bauchi State N80m monthly; N960million yearly is earmarked for feeding the government house. This is happening at a time when less privileged persons in the state could hardly eat three times a day.

And you know what, our state legislators aid and abet this sleaze by appropriating the staggering amount for the feeding of a few individuals, at the expense of millions of hungry people of the state.

Release of NUC Bauchi State University Courses Accreditation Done In 2014

Bauchi State University Gadau, BASUG needs a little above N100million before 10th December 2017 for an upcoming accreditation exercise by the National Universities Commission, NUC, but couldn’t get a dime as we speak.”

According to Azare, he said; “According to a memo that emanated from the Bauchi State Ministry of Women Affairs and Child Development to His Excellency the Executive Governor of Bauchi State, dated 22/07/2015, the wife of the governor was receiving the sum of Three Million Naira (N3million) each, per month. That’s three times the monthly salary of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Given that the governor has two wives, it follows therefore that each one of them goes home with N36million annually; the total of which is N72million.

“Traditionally, the Ministry Partners and collaborates with the wife of the governor in many areas and augment some of the financial needs and interventions required due to the exigencies and financial engagements.”, the memo reads in part.

Faculty of Law of the Bauchi State University, Gadau needs just N17million to N20milliion to put a few things in place preparatory to the upcoming National Universities Commission, NUC accreditation exercise on 10th December 2017. The Faculty is graduating its first set of students next year, but the graduating students cannot be able to attend the Nigerian Law School if the very course they studied has not been accredited by the NUC.

As I write this, the university is yet to receive one kobo from BASG for this all-important exercise. The government cares more about the “imprest for first lady’s activities”, to borrow from the caption of that morally reprehensible memo.

The memo has since been approved by His Excellency with despatch; precisely, one week later on 30/07/2015.”

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