Bauchi APC In Crisis As Party Chieftain Accuses Gov. Abubakar Of Dumping  Party Loyalists

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APCAll Progressive Congress APC  Chieftain in Bauchi , Alhaji Bappah Mohammed Tafida Hardawa has accused Governor Mohammed Abubakar for allegedly  dumping party loyalists who work tirelessly for the Success of the Party in last General Election.‎

Bappah‎ made the accusation yesterday while speaking to Newsmen at the Press center of the NUJ  Bauchi, saying  party loyalist who   work tirelessly to the party victory were dumped  and ignored without any appointments or job.

“From my understanding party is the mother of all members despite your position in the party, but the fact is that all those that submitted themselves and work for the victory of the party in the last general election were not carried along, right from the inception of the merger party we are part of it and we are loyal to the party yet the party and government ignored us, ‎they only go with those that are not party members” Bappah fumed

‎According to him, the essence of politics and democracy is to provide the dividends of democracy  but not in this case that we agitate  for change and we got the change, yet we are wallowing and remain in object poverty, people work for the party to be appointed and benefits from the Government they put in place in one way or the other, this  is indeed very unfortunate for the government, we thought we are out of the bondage of PDP 16 years it seems is like  a dream.‎

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The APC chieftain has called on the Bauchi state Governor Abubakar and the Leadership of the Party to look back unto the loyalists of the party or else the party will lose it integrity and relevance in the state.

He noted that ‘this ‎disfranchising  of  some members at the helm of affairs especially those that sacrificed and supported the party both morally, spiritually and financially during electioneering campaigns  will create internal wrangling within the party in the state.

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