Bafarawa Is PDP Not APC By Mohammed S. Umar

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The recent press conference by some mercenaries who called themselves members of the defunct CPC, DPP, ACN and other minor parties chaired by the former governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Attahiru Dalhatu Bafarawa has drawn keen attention of watchers of Sokoto politics.  The press conference was to drum up support for Bafarawa’s imaginary relevance in sokoto state APC. In every democratic set up it is those in the majority who have electoral value that can add to party fortunes that would invariably take over its’ leadership. Alu parades these credentials and the situation in sokoto now testify to this.

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The truth is that APC is open to members both from the merging parties and the new entrants.  Membership cards are yet to be issued as formal registration in all the states where APC is now holding the stake has not commence.  All interest in the party is for fresh registration which is expected soon.
In tradition with party machinery Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko is the leader of APC in Sokoto State.  His entrance into the party has tremendously shored up the fortunes of the party that there would not be any rivalry to his candidates in the 2015 general elections.  The pointers are overwhelming in his government performance which has been acknowledged both within and out side Sokoto State.
On the other hand, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa has lost all his political associates to the winning ambience of Governor Wamakko.  Alhaji Muhammad Maigari Dingyadi who was DPP governorship candidate in 2007 against Wamakko together with Bafarawa’s henchman, Alhaji Umarun Kwabo A.A., Alhaji Chiso Dattijo, Bafarawa’s deputy, Danmadamin Isa Alhaji Usman, former council chairmen, his former legislators, board members and some members of his cabinet are now in Governor Wamakko’s camp.  It is the same story with the grassroots supporters of the defunct DPP in Sokoto.  The fact is Bafarawa has become politically irrelevant in Sokoto State and the isolation is quite glaring.
Obviously, it is a known fact that Bafarawa is working for PDP at the national level and in Sokoto State.  The recent list making the rounds of prominent northerners being enticed by PDP has Bafarawa in the forefront.  A few days ago he hosted personalities to his daughters’ wedding.  Majority of those that attended the ceremony were PDP members in Sokoto State and those from Abuja.  Apparently, some clandestine horse trading is taking place to undermine Governor Wamakko’s solid grip on Sokoto State politics.  Bafarawa’s current moves are not surprising.  It is usual with his penchant to overshadow everybody.  That is the attitude that pitched him against Governor Wamakko when Alu was his deputy.  The arrogance and intimidation brought against Alu cannot be forgotten in a hurry by those that have benefited from good governance of Governor Wamakko.
Governor Wamakko as a
Sitting  governor cannot descend from Olympus to crawl behind vain personality massage that alienates the masses to soubriquet of “chickens and grains” as Bafarawa once termed Sokoto people.  That era is buried, for the progress and sustenance of the good name of the Caliphate.  The traditional institution that has been emancipated and freed from the shackles of dictatorship cannot accede to those inglorious pecuniary predators.  The educated class that was violently loathed can no longer tolerate rubbishing their hard earned knowledge.  The freedom now being enjoyed by the civil servants cannot be compromised.
When Governor Wamakko came to power Sokoto State was bedeviled with the activities of street urchins nurtured by the preceding administration.  They created frightening insecurity in the whole of the state.  Some areas were designated “Iraqi” because of the security nuisance prevailing in those areas.  They were the destructive machines of the previous administration.  They became monstrous when they were used and dumped.
But Governor Wamakko’s administration carefully planned a programme to tackle their problem.  It instituted skills acquisition programme that enrolled the boys and girls into learning various trades.  They were supplied with equipment and given money, on graduation, to start their own business.  Today thousands have benefited from that well designed programme. Those boys and girls are off the street to responsible homes of their own.
Governor Wamakko’s administration reversed neglect of education by renovating, equipping dilapidated schools and building more ones.  It increased feeding allowances of students.  So many of the boys and girls are now enrolled in schools which has witnessed great upsurge in school enrolments.  The products of these schools are now being admitted into the State University built by Governor Wamakko; in addition quite a good number of them are also admitted into the State Polytechnic and Shehu Shagari College of Education where the administration ensured accreditation and introduction of more courses by provision of necessary infrastructure and equipment.
The rural areas at present enjoy greater power supply as well as water provision.  Roads have been constructed in every nook and cranny of the state that open up greater social and economic interface between communities.  Young men leave the cities in drove to go back to the villages to establish cottage industries.  Farming activities now fetch more money that young men find agricultural activities attractive to earn good living.  Governor Wamakko’s administration supports farmers with inputs such as fertilizer and farm implements at subsidized rates.  The bottom up type of Sarkin Yamma’s administration has concentrated development of rural areas with provision of necessary amenities obtainable in the cities such as good roads, electricity, water, affordable health care delivery services and good schools.  It is a policy of development that has continued to raise support and admiration for the excellent leadership of Governor Wamakko.
Sokoto people and northern Nigeria appreciate the frontal address of the vexatious issue of the almajirai.  Governor Wamakko started the integrated system of education that weaves together the Islamic and western education.  The model has attracted federal government implementation in the northern parts of the country.  It is a big plus in the foresight of Governor Wamakko in confronting critical problems.

Umar is the President of Sokoto Liberal Democrats Media Foundation (SOLID)

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