As History Beckons…Will APC Trade Lagos State For The Presidency By Eneh John

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Nigeria’s political space has been awashed with arguments, debates, abuses and all you could ever think of.
Either someone is somewhere abusing Buhari or taking us through lessons in history, or another is giving us full gist of Jonathan’s performance.
In times like this, as we near another political dispensation, almost everyone is now a politician in Nigeria.
My inbox is flooded with reasons not to vote Buhari and reasons to vote Jonathan and vice versa.
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The only thing I await right now is MTN’s unsolicited messages, which we will have to text BUH to 330 to vote Buhari and win a prize or text GLK to 442 to vote for Goodluck and qualify for a chance to meet him at Aso Rock.
With the political situations taking dimensions, today, we see Professor Osinbajo on a BRT bus campaigning for votes. Sambo is somewhere at Aso rock promising Goodluck over 2million votes from Kaduna when in the real sense we know how unpopular Sambo is,in his native Kaduna.
I want to equally remind our Prof that Lagos state alone doesn’t make up the population of Nigeria.
Our prof should be ready to sit on an okada in Ado-Ekiti to solicit for votes. He should be ready to move inside a keke napep in Aba and also in Uyo to convince us that the comfort of BRT bus alone is not all we need.
Reality continues to set into the minds of Nigeria and the level of awareness for a free society is what we crave for today.
With PDP’s nomination of Jimi Agbaje as its Lagos state gubernatorial flagbearer and APC’s Ambode squaring up in next year’s election, we cannot dismiss the chances of Agbaje in clinching the seat.
Jimi Agbaje is to APC in Lagos, what Buhari is to Jonathan at the National level.
These are nightmares to both parties.
The question we need to profer answers to is if APC will be willing to handover power in Lagos state to PDP and take over power at the presidential level considering that Lagos state is the headquaters of APC.
How prepared is Buhari for this presidency? And how prepared is Jonathan to continue in that office?
In so far as the Nigeria’s political circle remains, we quite understand that political parties will continually oil their propaganda machine to get at each other.
But the truth remains, in 2015, Nigerians will decide.
As history beckons, it is a call that we be steadfast in preparations to either cause a change or a continuity.
Many have nicknamed themselves Jonathanians and Buharists, but which ever camp you belong, be aware that a dark horse may emerge among the 12 presidential candidates released by INEC.
On the 29th of may,2015, a new Governor and president will be sworn in.
It may be Agbaje or Ambode,it may be Buhari or Goodluck. It could even be you by faith.
Let us promote and protect our political interest with decency.
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