Apostle Oloche Urges Nigerian Youth To Remain Focus In Life

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Yakubu Busari

The Founder of Theobarth Global Foundation /crushing Down the Walls of Poverty. In the World, Apostle ,Ambassador, Theophilus Oloche Ebonyi has charged Nigerian Youth to remain focus not allow extreme poverty to ravage their faculty of reasoning but to imbibe the culture of engaging themselves in  fighting the scourge  .


He appealed that THEOBARTH GLOBAL FOUNDATION Crushing Down the Walls of Poverty won’t allow them to be use as agent of destruction as he introduces crushing poverty program to end restiveness.



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Speaking to our correspondent on his target audience in reducing poverty and unemployment in the society Apostle Oloche lamented the scourge of poverty to be the major causes of killing, stealing going on in Nigeria.


Ambassador Theophilus Oloche was in Jos for a 3 days revival church program of Prophet Johnson Oparanozie of Jesus Divine Life Renewal Ministry in Anguldi Junction, Jos South Local Government Council of Plateau state.


He said, God has sent him on a mission to battle and eradicate poverty by crushing objects poverty in the land through the vision and mission of evangelization of gospel of Jesus Christ.


According to him, with the beautiful creation from God everyone should have money in his pockets, the youths should rise up and does something that would enable them support their family.


He maintained that growing up from a humble background and Christian home the divine God favour is open him to affect lives of people around the African continent having achieve tremendous success in live .



Oloche stressed that while growing up he suffered a lot so he hate to see poverty because of corruption and misappropriation of public funds many people have resorted to crime and criminality to survive .



The clergy employed states and federal government to provide him with all the necessary support especially in the area of safety for discharge humanitarian support to the less privilege ones in the society.


He applauded the government for the security personnel around him given the maximum protection but encourage government to safeguard lives of vulnerable people in the land.



Apostle Oloche reiterated that our is country one very rich in mineral deposits but majority of our citizens are languishing in poverty and they have failed to focus their mind of productive business that can put food on their table.


He explained further the many are dying and some involving in stealing is because they don’t have something doing, if man is not suffering he can’t think evil.


Oloche added those who want to benefit from Theobath foundation they have to come and register and obtain identity card with the valid national ID card



Prophet Johnson Oparanozie said the 3 days cruise is aimed at winning more souls and delivery them from bundle of sin and expand the preaching of Jesus Christ words to the world.

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    When will the grant be paid because we need it now to stand on our feet again

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