APC Vs PDP Crises Inflicted Injuries To Plateau Club Over 6.5 million, “Court Orders For Eviction Of Club Properties “.

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Yakubu Busari

Drama eschewed in Plateau Club, a club that commenced operations in 1921 has never been embraced but is gradually taken a political under turn when one of the members of the club dragged the club to court demanding the refunds of 6.5 million naira compensation.



Our medium was at the scene while the enforcement of court judgment took center stage on Thursday at about 9:30 am which lasted to 12noon when properties were evicted out of the club premises under duress.


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According to the information available to this medium was that the clashed between the ruling APC Vs PDP who are all members of the club are struggling for dominant control of the Plateau club owning individual contributions.


It was alleged that the Chairman of the PDP, Chris Hassan dragged the club to court and obtain a judgment and the present club exco reneged from an out-of-court settlement that landed the club into social embracement and closing down the activities.

However, business activities were paralyzed completely were entrance doors were under lock and shutdown with few concerned staff roaming around the club premises.


Meanwhile, efforts to speak to Members of the Board of Trustees and Management of the prestigious Plateau Club 1921 are said to be in confusion following the enforcement of court judgment on the Club on Thursday.


Members of the Enforcement Unit of the Plateau State High Court were seen carting away properties from the club including upholsteries, electrical appliances, refrigerators, and many other properties. At the end of the exercise, no single piece of furniture was left in the club. The staff of the club was seen groups discussing in low tones over the ugly development.



Our medium saw that the enforcement was in fulfillment of a court judgment granted in favors of the judgment Creditor/Applicant (Hon Chris Hassan, a former cabinet member in the Plateau State Government and currently, the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Plateau State Chapter) in a matter between him and the registered Trustees of Plateau Club or Judgment Debtors/Respondents.



Some of the properties yet to be unloaded

It is said that some years ago, Mr. Hassan borrowed the sum of almost an N7million to the club aside from the monies he spent voluntarily and changed the face of the club while he was its President.

Drama-at-the-plateau-club-house However, all efforts to ensure that the said sum was refunded proved abortive prompting the creditor to sought legal action.



It was further learned that when the creditor approached the court, the club posited that being also a member of the club, the matter could only be handled by an Arbitration in line with the bylaws of the Club.



The enforcement team of the Plateau State High Court this morning

Based on that, Arbitration was commenced, presided over by Hon Justice R. K Sha (Rtd) (Sole Arbitrator) in process No: ARB/01/2018 at the Arbitral Tribunal, sitting at West of Mines Jos.


It is also said that even when the Arbitration was ongoing, a series of meetings were held between counsels for the creditor and counsels for the Debtor when the latter promised to offset the debt but eventually failed.


The Arbitration in February 2020 finally gave its Award against the Club to pay the sum of N6.29million.Again, it is said that all efforts to ensure that the club paid the money failed to prompt the creditor to file an action at the Plateau State High Court.



A section of the Club

We learned that it was after the registration of the Award with the Registrar, Plateau State High Court for recognition and Enforcement and the process served on the Respondent around July that the latter decided to send the sum N200, 000 to the Applicant. Thereafter, nothing was heard of the debtors.


Eventually, the creditor was said to have no option other than to move his application for Recognition and Enforcement and it was granted leading to the enforcement of the judgment today.


The judgment delivered by Justice S. P Gang in suit No. PLD/J309M/2020 stated that “upon the consideration of the motion on notice dated and filed 24/07/2020 supported by 11 paragraph affidavit deposed to by P. E Atamewan as well as counsel written address praying the Honorable Court for the reliefs sought: And after hearing Gyang Zi Esq ( with R. A Bako Esq) the Counsel to the Judgment Creditor and S. T Panwal Esq for the Judgment Debtor/Respondent, who did not file any counter affidavit in opposition. It is hereby ordered as follows:


  1. a) An Order granting leave to the Applicant to apply for recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Award dated the 28th day of February 2020 delivered by Hon Justice R. K Sha.


  1. b) An Order of this Hon. Court recognizing the Arbitral Award dated 28th February 2020 delivered by Hon Justice R. A Sha (Rtd) (Sole Arbitrator) in process No. ARB /01/2018 at the Arbitral Tribunal, sitting at West of Mines, Jos, Plateau State as Judgment of this Hon. The court in favor of the Applicant.


  1. c) An order of this Hon. Court enforcing the Arbitral Award dated the 28th day of February 2020 delivered by Hon Justice R. K Sha (Rtd) (Sole Arbitrator) in Process No. ARB /01/2018 at the Arbitral Tribunal sitting at West of Mines, Jos Plateau State as Judgment of this Hon Court in favor of the Applicant “.


The effort to speak to one of the members of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Bueyen (who was present at the club during the Enforcement) proved abortive as he vehemently refused to speak to journalists on the matter.



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