APC Plans To Rig With PVC- PDP

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Leaders of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party have alleged that the All Progressive Congress is planning to rig the February General Elections through the manipulation of the ongoing distribution of Permanent Voters Card.
A cross section of PDP leaders made the allegations on Sunday, citing low level of PVC collection across the federation as well as planted stories purported to be showing more PVC collection in APC controlled states.
Chief Adeseye Ogunlewe, former Minister of Works affirmed that the APC appeared to be working with the electoral body to deny PDP stronghold of PVC, warning that plans to disenfranchise eligible Nigerians is not in the best interest of the country.
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 He noted that less than forty percent of eligible voters have so far collected the PVC, warning that the situation is a threat to credible election in February.
 The Osun state chairman of the party, Alhaji Gani Olaoluwa echoed the former minister, asserting that the APC is scheming to rig in collusion with INEC. According to him, why is PVC distribution going smooth in APC states and otherwise in PDP states?
 “I think we need to do something urgently. Legal action or something like that . We will not allow the APC to deny Nigerians of their rights to vote and be voted for”, Olaoluwa said.
A pro Goodluck group in Kaduna, Jonathan for Second Term also made the same allegation through its state coordinator, Garuba Yero.
“We are watching. We now have full detail of this systematic plot to disenfranchise our people. We will stop INEC. INEC and APC have no right to deny Nigerians their rights to vote. This election is about one man one vote”, he said.
 According to Garuba,” why is APC afraid of one man one vote? Why is APC desperate to rig? First they attempted to flown INEC data base. They failed. Now they are colluding with INEC. We will stop them”, he said.

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