APC Congress, Yahaya-Kwande Tasks On Peace

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Yakubu Busari

Member Representing  Jos North  /Bassa Federal  Constituency in Plateau State, Hon Suleiman  Yahaya-Kwande has said an affirmation of candidates is the only best practice contrary to some people views of condemnation.

In an interview with the member, Yahaya-Kwande said with this development APC shall come out stronger and reliable opposition were many decampees will be expected.

He pointed that those people who are threatening to defect to any political party are free to do so because we all understand that there are people who are nursing flimsy excuses.

According to Kwande, the Wards Congress affirmation is all over  Nigeria this is not a decision taken in Plateau or North Central but is a decision taken for the overall interest of the party in conducting all elections in Nigeria.

“We have informed all the supporters of APC through sensitization and enlightenment with stakeholders across the wards how the voting pattern “, he explained.

Hon Yahaya-Kwande who also rated the election as free, fair and credible devoid of any rancor as he congratulated the orderliness of the party loyalist with overwhelming support queue into the ideology of the APC program.

We organize peaceful election as family members to ensure that the party grows from strength to strength as we hold sensitization so that the people will fully participate actively in the election process.

The election was conducted in each of the councils, wards headquarters to ensure the full maintainer of law and order in promoting democracy in the country.

Hon Suleiman Yahaya-Kwande maintained that the APC will still win coming 2019 power as the party has done very well especially in the of constituency projects and good representation.

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