Almost 80% Of Those Fighting Me Are People That Have Collected Billions Of Naira From Me —Amaechi

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Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi has hit at his detractors, as he said that about 80% of the people fighting him are those whom he helped, whom he has given billions of naira. 
Amaechi speaking at a meet-the-people tour of communities in Obio/Akpor Local Government are of the state, said; “most of the people opposed to me are in the rank of those I assisted one way or another, some by contract awards but they failed to deliver. If you check Obio/Akpor council, you will see how many persons that have grown through me.”
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Amaechi also said that the over 80 per cent of those fighting  who are fighting him  are those who has collected contracts worth billions of naira and they rather than doing the work, decided to pockets the money given to them, as he said they refuse to deliver and claim that they are Ikwerre people.
“I have said that the road at Eneka was given to an Obio/Akpor son. The internal road at Rumuolumeni was given to a Rumuolumeni son. They gave it to one of Obio/Akpor’s sons to do. They have not done it. They have no fear, no shame.”
“You know, the worst money to steal is the money belonging to your people. For me, go and check Ubima Road, as an ordinary Special Assistant to Chief Rufus George, the money he brought, we did the Ubima Road and when I became Speaker, I got Dr. Peter Odili to do the road and the road lasted until I became governor,” Amaechi said.
“I did not touch Ubima money. I did not say ‘I want to be a big man, contractor, give me N40 million first’. The first road to Ubima was N40 million, one kobo I did not see. All the roads in Rumuepirikom(community of Nyesom Wike) were done by this administration. I gave the contracts to your son and paid hundred per cent. But almost all the roads there have gone bad and they are not major traffic route. It is because of greed.”
“As an Ikwerre man, what else can I do? Please tell me what else do you want me to do that I have not done? I just did not do the road, I gave it to Ikwerre people to do. If you are not a good contractor, you look for a good contractor to do for you, is it not? Now, you are not a good contractor, you don’t want to hire a good contractor, you just buy one pay loader and you begin to scratch the ground.”
Speaking further Amaechi also thanked the people of Oro-Igwe for the opportunity of meeting with them and urged them to beware of those who would be dishonest or betray people for selfish reasons.

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