Allegation of Sex Scandal: Bauchi Group, Muryar Talaka Passes Vote of No confidence on Hon. Gololo

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  • Passes Vote of No Confidence Also On Sen. Sulaiman Nazeef Gamawa, two Other Lawmakers from the State
  • Come Out and Defend Yourself or Face Legal Action from Us-Group

Following the alleged sex scandal rocking three members of the House of Representatives, a Bauchi Group, Muryar Talaka (Voice of the Masses) has issued a stern warning to the lawmaker from Bauchi who is among the three lawmakers accused of the offense, to come out and defend himself before the group or face legal action from them.

In a press release/communiqué issued at the of the general meeting of the group on Sunday it stated thus; “The main purpose of this meeting was to appraise and gather the views of the people of Gamawa Federal Constituency over the recent heinous act of attempted sexual harassment that the honourable representative of the constituency allegedly engaged in.”

In the meeting which was attended by the representative of the Students’ Unions, Youth Organisations, Community Based Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Other General Members of the Association and many among others, lamented the defamatory incident which has recently happened and become rife and controversial all over the country; “ Unfortunately to our greatest dismay, our honourable member house of representative (Hon. Mohammed Garba Gololo) of Gamawa Federal Constituency happens to be guilty among the suspects. It has recently been reported by the popular and reliable British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Hausa Service) on Thursday and Friday morning that US embassy in Nigeria has sent a list of three representatives from Nigeria; Mohammed Garba Gololo (APC – Bauchi), Samuel Ikon (PDP – Akwa-Ibom) and Mark Gbilla (APC – Benue), through its Ambassador, Mr. James Entwistel that the above mentioned members were found guilty of committing an illicit misconduct of attempted sexual harassment, whereby Garba Gololo was even accused of attempting to hug a housekeeper in the Hotel who was officially sent to his room to clean and sweep it for his comfort.”

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The press release which was signed by Comrade Kassim Abubakar Gamawa (Chairman, Muryar Talaka, Gamawa Local Govt. Chapter) And Comr. Abubakar Shehu Gamawa (Secretary-General, Muryar Talaka), stated that the group after much deliberation came out with the following resolutions was unanimously agreed by everybody in the attendance:-


  1. The suspect/member must come to his constituency On 25th June, 2016 to defend himself against the allegation.


  1. The member must come by himself and any representative of the suspect will not be tolerated.


  1. Failure to respect and or answer the Association’s invitation and demand, otherwise legal action will be taken against him.

In conclusion; “the chairman of the Association in his closing remarks stated vividly that, the Association is non-partisan, neither sponsored by anybody nor does it working against or in support of the suspect. But rather it concern is to taste and confirm the actual veracity of the allegation filed against it representative.

However, if this allegation happens to be a lie, the Association will stand for his right and condemn America for it malicious attempt of defamation of character. But when the veracity of the allegation turns to be true with some proven evidence, then a legal action will be taken against the suspect for tarnishing the good imagine of our noble constituency.”

In addition, the Association passed a vote of no confidence to its entirely constituency and district representatives for their poor and misrepresentation and finally the Association has called them to change their leadership style or else to face the legal actions from the masses. The representatives are as follows:-


  1. Hon. Salihu Ajilanga, member representing Gamawa constituency, Bauchi State House of Assembly,
  2. Hon. Umar Yakubu, member representing Udubo Constituency, Bauchi State House of Assembly,
  3. Hon. Mohammed Garba Gololo, member representing Gamawa, Federal House of Representatives.
  4. Sen. Sulaiman Nazeef Gamawa, Senator representing Bauchi North Senatorial District.




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