ADP Charges Nigerian To Vote For People Oriented Programme In 2019

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Yakubu Busari

African Democratic party ,ADP ,  Plateau State chapter has charged women /youths to vote for a political party that have grassroots mobilization and people oriented programme of development and  not candidates who dish out money to buy votes but abandoned the electorates after winning .

Jos North /West Constituency went agog with the supporters of African Democratic Party, ADP; aspirant for the state Assembly, Hon Daniel Asama disclosed the ADP is now witnessing the presence of women, youths who came out to rally for support ahead 2019 general election.

Asama said ADP has what it takes to represent people of Plateau better because he is seeing himself as the only credible person willing to bring development to the people.

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He said, the party has offered women 50% opportunity in governance; “we gave free ticket to women who are ready to participate actively in active politics and provide more chance for them.

Asama stated that the influx of women and youth who came out in their numbers to grace this rally is a demonstration of people awareness not to vote base on sentiments.

The ADP rally covered Tudun Wada ,Gangare ,Angwan Rimi ,Dung ,Terminus ,vonkiya ,Jenta Adamu,and some parts of Jos North West constituency with a takeoff at the party secretariat around Utonko road near the national library ,Jos.

He called on the electorates to shun money politics and vote wisely for candidate or a political party that promote politics of ideology that focus on its electioneering campaign promises to people .

Some of the supporters interviewed during the process expressed satisfaction with the manner the aspirant is going about canvassing for the people votes especially mobilizing through house to house campaign ahead the general poll.

They said this time around they are not going to vote party but they would vote candidate who willing to deliver dividends of democracy not those greedy politician who will disappear immediately when they’re voted into power.

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