ADC Guber Candidate Promises To Effect Change In Governance

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Yakubu Busari

African Democratic Congress, ADC, in Plateau State has commenced sell of nomination forms to Governorship, Senatorial seat and House of Representative aspirants who have indicated interest in picking their letters of intention to participate in the race.

Gubernatorial Aspirant of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) ,in Plateau State Mr Richard Ponkap Bature  has promised to focus on effecting change of leadership to meet the yearning of the people through good governance and credible direct principle of empowerment of the vulnerable people in the society.

Bature disclosed this during a stakeholders meeting with the party faithful at the party secretariat adjacent Jos central Mosque, Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau state.

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He said the internal wrangling of the ruling opposition would pave ways for the ADC victory in the forthcoming elections…

Bature explained that we can afford good accommodation, medical care, food and other basic needs.

Our strategies are aimed at creating wealth and economic growth. We strongly believe that once we free the pockets of the poor and the middle class by providing the aforementioned items 1 and 2, our economy will begin to grow, corruption will disappear without any molestation, peace will reign, and people will begin to have confidence and cooperate with government authority and many other benefits.

He added the aim and detailed benefits of this project is contained in Security/Unity: Our Great Plateau State…..the Home of Peace and Tourism has now become a place of conflict and violence. One would wonder why we have been having ethnic/religious crisis and the division. Until we put our differences apart else conflicts and killings of innocent lives will continue.

It will be the first priority of my administration to restore peace and protect the lives and properties of everybody.

Our strategy is people oriented aimed at fostering unity and trust among people of Plateau State. Without peace there can be no progress. Rural Development: Our focus is to take development to the grassroots which will encourage agriculture, mining and commercial activities.

Basic amenities such as water supply sources, electricity, roads, schools and healthcare facilities will be provided in all rural settlements of Plateau State. My administration will be a government that will keep sacrificing for the poor.

We will partner with organized groups and businesses to illuminate the rural communities using solar mini-grids with system capacity ranging from 20KW to 100KW (depending on the population size, population density of the village) to power small businesses such as milling, agro- processing, wielding, irrigation farming facilities etc. (you can find details of our proposed rural development programme in the work plan).

I want you to examine the agenda, work plan or programme and manifestos of other contenders and see which of them are sincere, realistic and practicable. Take note that there are those who have enjoyed power and will want to die in power, there are those who are seeking for power to oppress the poor, there are those whose intention is to enrich their family, ethnic group and marginalise other citizens of the state and those who will divide us based on religion and tribe.

We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. Infrastructural decay and poverty will spread in our society as long as we are not bold to take a good step that can  bring peace, unity, infrastructural development and economic growth.

Remember that if it were the name or political platform that would bring change in our society PDP or APC would have done that. We cannot reinforce failure……Let us do something different.

Do not sell your votes because that is your power and right to hold me accountable.

According to the ADC guber candidate, he said,” Iam offering myself to serve the people and not to be served, I strongly believe that except we have a leader who is willing to sacrifice for his people, our society will never develop,”

He was of confident that this time around you will not be deceived by the politicians and groups of people who only propagate selfish interest, ethnicity, marginalization, violence and criminality.

Bature disclosed that his Administration, God willing will focus on key elements of human development. Our Work Plan/Programme for Plateau includes some very important project proposals:

Education: The education sector has long been neglected by our leaders. This is a deliberate act to produce more poor people in the society, a strategy for oppression and having control over us and our resources. My administration will not allow this to continue.

We will improve the standard of our educational system by providing all the basic facilities in public schools in both rural and urban communities across the state.

We will provide free but compulsory education to our children up to secondary school level (The aim and detailed benefits of this project is contained in our Work Plan).

Healthcare: Our health care system is in shamble and this is why our leaders including Governors, Ministers and even of our President who is regarded as a man of integrity…….., and President of the biggest black nation and the second most endowed country in the world after America, travel overseas for medical check-up and treatment using public funds, neglecting the local healthcare sector where they  poor masses die even from preventable diseases on a daily basis..

What a poor society are we? It is my plan to transform the entire healthcare sector including primary  health care and rural clinics and hospitals across the state.

We will offer free medical services to pregnant women, nursing mothers and children up to school leaving age.

This can be achieved only when a Governor and his administration is willing to  sacrifice for the masses by cutting government spending on luxury items and lifestyle  such as hiring of private jets, buying bullet-proof vehicles etc. (you can find details of  benefits of our healthcare reform in our Work Plan).

Poverty Alleviation: We will develop strategies for economic and humanitarian growth that can eliminate poverty in our society. One of the key steps is to free the  pockets of the common man and the middle class by providing support for children’s  education and medical services. I am sure you won’t be surprised to know that  poverty prevails in our society simply because the pockets of the poor, the  marginalized social and ethnic groups and the middle class are not free due to bad  governance. This group of people (including artisans, farmers, and even some civil  servants) whose incomes are very small spend their entire lives paying expensive school fees in privately owned institutions because of poor educational  facilities/condition of learning in our public schools and so they hardly save money.


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