Address Of Dogon Karfe Community To The Commissioner Of Health And Plateau State Task Force On The Index Case Of COVID19 In The Community On The 26th April 2020

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We the people of Dogon karfe Community received with Shock the news of Our  daughter who tested positive to SARs Cov 2 virus with the laboratory result displayed on the social Media.


As a Community which believes in supporting the Government and all relevant agencies to win the fight against the pandemic of COVID 19. The community had  played the role of a critical stakeholders by informing the Task force on Covid-19 on the return of our daughter from Kano where she went to attend a wedding of her relatives, knowing fully the effort of the Federal and Plateau state Government and steps been taken to make Plateau free of the virus.


Our displeasure are on the following areas?


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  1. The unethical and unprofessional conduct of some officials that leaked the result to public is not acceptable to us and we will never accept it, thus, we demand explanation on this embarrassed and public defamation on the character of the community and our daughter who’s confidentiality was bridged.


  1. The index case and staff of the isolation were not notified of her result. Staff at the isolation centre were seen attending to her without PPE with the index case still at the centre till date after confirmation.


  1. The index case had not been well feed at the isolation centre and no management had commence after confirmation. This is a great shock to us and put us in dispair that our daughter is at risk in the current isolation centre.


  1. The community also express with deep shock, the way and manner the index case result was announced unprofessionally and unethical, indicting the community and putting us in a bad image projection. Meanwhile, we the community will continue to play our supportive role as a community to make sure the government actualizes its goal of making plateau free of the pandemic. It is in line with this that we asked the entire compound of the victim to remain isolated to avoid any further tension or spread of the said virus while we await the state task force team for further interventions.


  1. The media report are conflicting with different media houses reporting different cases, some reported a male index case while the picture shows a different person. This does not make us happy and further put us in dought over the positive nature of our daughter. We demand that anothet test be carry out for management and confirmation.


The display of the situation seems to be politically influenced rather than a reality, we therefore, as a community demand for a public apology and immediate Investigation into the circumstances that led to this unwarranted and unacceptable situation from the State taskforce  on Covid-19. We are ready to support the State and task force team to track all contact for isolation as many contacts are already isolated.


The community will not refuse any intervention if well understood and is ever ready to support the task force to prevent further spread.


The community that stood to see to the establishment of the current administration, we deserve more respect from the government and not vice versa. We will not be deterred to constitute legal proceedings in the matter if not addressed properly.




Secretary of community.


Community leader…

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