Adamawa Emirate: District Head Of Jimeta Call For Peaceful Elections By Tom Garba,Yola

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The district head of Jimeta, Alhaji Inuwa Mohammed Baba Paris called on the residence of Jimeta,Yola north LGA and all Nigerians to be peace loving people and avoid anything that will threaten the cooperate existence of Jimeta which might destroy the long sustained peace that the Emirate of Adamawa has deliberate maintained .
He emphasised the need for peace in the society as the modern tool of that, which can boost technology and development, most especially that the country is about going into general elections in few weeks to come.
‘’The only available means that will enhance the socio economy of every society and environment is peace, so we cannot have be peace is we do not respect and value each other’s conscience of believe and worship, the peace that has been part of us is worth keeping, let’s all preach it well before February polls that is just around the corner. Peace is synonymous with development without it nothing meaningful can be achieved,” Baba Paris charged
Paris said this when he had the courtesy of Yola North LGA of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) officials at his Jimeta District Residence, where he thank the leadership of CAN for preaching peace in Jimeta and environs. He promised to support Christian bodies in his district in any way he can, while reminding them that; Christian is peace as the first person to settle in Jimeta is a Christian by named ‘’Jimeta’’ who has been living peacefully with the fulanis, the peace that transcend into our present day peaceful co-existence between the Christians in Jimeta and the none Christian (Muslim).
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While extolling the good leadership qualities of the Dan Isan Adamawa, the newly elected CAN chairman, Pst Erchem Sule said he has been a father and a mentor to the Christian communities in Adamawa for even discussing and defending the course of Christians wherever he goes and whoever he meets, they came to pay their solidarity and their homage to the monarch
‘’We the newly inaugurated exco of Yola North CAN we are here to show our solidarity and to thank you for been with us thus far, Sir you do come to our needs in this state at any given time we need you, our prayers is that, God whom we serve will increase your days of leadership as your throne will never know crisis or war’’. Erchem said

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