A Gravely Sick Buhari And Joe Igbokwe Obsessive Megalomania.

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Fellow Nigerians,  for the first time ever I want to break my prolonged silence on Buhari’s controversial state of health.  This guy Buhari  together with his, partisans will never cease to amaze me. What do Nigerians stand to benefit from Buhari’s Presidency  which he probably gave them before in his days as a military ruler which the bulk of his  gullible  partisan  yearns for now? Who exactly is Buhari? I had to ask today  because a lot of noises have doubtless been made about this man who  once ruled Nigeria with no meaningful development recorded.
Sometimes, I sit hand on chin  appalled at the ignorance our people wallow in by thinking Buhari alone possesses the magic wand to reposition Nigeria on the path of socio-political and economic development. Let us take a cursory glance at his antecedents, what was uniquely done by him to warrant the on-going senseless  clamour for his return by his followers?
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Joe Igbokwe, the Lagos State APC publicity Secretary  and  loud-mouthed bigoted critic of the present administration openly threatened my life the other day  because our opinions and political stance differ on the  policies of the present administration. What a ranting, domineering bully he is; in fact what gives them the confidence that their party the All Progressives Congress will eventually carry the day in the forthcoming general elections?
Have Nigerians ever sat back to think who the caliber of men in the party’s hierarchy is? Do you openly vilify those who speak against your hero? This shows  he is not civilized and most of  his utterances stink and are,  therefore  actionable. Joe Igbokwe would be  better advised to learn manners because most of his utterances reek of hate and this is none other than politics of bitterness  which is  evocative of a homo sapien from an extinct barbarian tribe. I repeat yet again, Joe Igbokwe and his overlords are not civilized.  He  often speaks disparagingly of the nation’s number one citizen like a man of an unsound mind the very recent one  being his barbaric and unwarranted  attack on the duly elected Governor of Ekiti State who tendered incontrovertible proofs and facts about Buhari’s state of health.
I kept mum all this while but was spurred into action tonight after reading a report in the Daily Times by Buhari’s wife Hajia Aisha that her husband was in fact in the UK for a short rest before going back to business and after also listening to the audio proof , I mean the truth behind the  Buhari Chatham even. Thus, who is fooling who here? What has Joe Igbokwe got to say, here again? Could one  be more catholic than the Pope? Frankly, I do not think so!  No one certainly wishes  Buhari ill, but I think it is high time Nigerians  were told the truth to enable them know which way the wind bloweth. We have made serious mistakes in the past in our circuitous journey to nationhood calling to mind the sudden death of late President Umaru Yar’ Adua while in office which gave birth  to the present power tussle via Jihadist insurgency and the like. I see a repeat of what occurred  then on the horizon if adequate precaution is not taken. APC is a party founded on lies and deception and Nigerians must be very careful not to fall for their antics because the consequences of their actions would be so grave that might force this country to disintegrate. Only today about  18 or more buses running into billions of naria belonging to a Nigerian of Igbo extraction –  Chisco  Transport Company – were burnt down in Lagos, Nigeria by APC youths.  Reasons tendered were that the buses had President Jonathan’s campaign posters on them.  Ever heard of that arrant nonsense?  This portends nothing but grave danger! The Igbos are not cowards and I wonder what APC intends to achieve by violence.
Posterity will never forgive the likes of Joe Igbokwe’s  crying transgressions against his own people and indeed the generality of Nigerians who his horrendous lies will deceive, a clear example of someone who carelessly treads on a path notable for its deceptions, moral vacuum  crying shame and megalomania.
Iyoha John Darlington, aka Lington Donovan, a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues writes from Turin, Italy.

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