70% Nigerians living in rural and urban community are Living below poverty level

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Yakubu Busari

Plateau-State-governmentMember representing Pengana constituency, Hon Ezekiel Afon has decried that 70% Nigerians living within the country   cannot afford   social amenities of lives .

In my 100 Days in office as a legislator I have impacted positively to the wellbeing of my constituency during the sallah celebration I gave out items our Muslim brothers to support them.

The Nationality of our people have not be accented because an average person is still battling to survive, we are actually hoping to be there many people are

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He expressed concern over the resurgence of terrorism in the Nigeria as he called on Nigeria government to overhaul and tackle the resurgence of terrorism in the country.

He  urged the President to also overhaul the operations of other intelligence gathering agencies.

Hon Afon said the executive are celebrating its 100 Days in low key but they have work with the local governments and ensure the rebuilding of  all roads linking the state  are rehabilitated including broken  bridges as part of our oversight function.

He called on the state government under the table leadership of Barr. Simon Lalong to restructure local government system which is the third tier of government to address numerous challenges of rural populace for better productivity.

According to him;  “after our swearing in ceremony I identified some of the needs of my constituency which we are gradually putting finishing touching on it.

Hon, Ezekiel Afon expressed satisfaction with the level of support from the traditional fathers by cooperating with him in sponsoring bills that will have impact on the lives of the people .

“We organize an interface with the people to see where government can come in and support us, although we are yet to receive funds for the development. Over 8 persons have been sponsored from my own pocket to attend this year pilgrimage ,installed electric poles where rain fall wrecked havoc and the people have been without light for almost eight months now, have seen light ,and I also gave scholarship to indigenes of Pengana .

He said the coordinated attacks in some local government Areas had never come to Bassa Local government Area, however, when the country was already celebrating the success of its security forces in the fight against insurgency people area are still under siege.

Hon Afon  said the PDP remained steadfast in its commitment to support every policy adopted by Buhari to end terrorism and secure the environment for development.

It noted that bombing was an ill-wind that blew no good to anybody in the community and was scaring away potential investors.

“We are therefore duty bound to draw attention to certain grave factors, possibly leading to the unfortunate resurgence, which, if unchecked could worsen the ugly situation,” he said.

According to him , the crisis experienced in some parts  revealed that poor intelligence gathering by the DSS and other relevant intelligence group was largely, if not directly responsible, for the resurgence of terrorists.

He said that the State House of Assembly members reiterated that they would ensure that the same thing happens to the constituencies with the promised to woe projects to the area. He lamented that lack of funds also contributes in crippling a lot of constituents in the state so as he said he pursue it with vigor.

“The challenges on ground which I am are optimistic that our people need to be educated and be conscious on the importance and functions of a legislator what is his function and duty because the people are disconnected completely from allowing them discharge their primary duty.

He explained further that some of these people assume that the function of a legislator is to renovate, repair the primary schools or give them money; “We should review and make them understand the work of a member of the House of Assembly.

It stated that the country could not afford retrogression from the gains already made in the fight against terrorism and urged Buhari to, as a matter of urgency, to take a critical look at the situation in the DSS.

Adding that this administration should carry out operations to ensure that the required leadership and spirit needed to operate optimally exists in the country.

“We wish to note that our position is beyond politics. Security is a matter that concerns all Nigerians irrespective of political, religious and ethnic affiliation and must be taken seriously in the general interest of our dear nation.”

Afon urged all citizens and “critical stakeholders irrespective of their political differences, to give the state down to Federal Government the required support in the fight against terrorism and menace of corruption which has eaten deep into our society”.

It said that in the late 70s federal government informed Nigerian that our problem is not money but what to do that money yet few years later we cannot afford to feeds or Carter for the welfare of our people, apart from the African situation, there was a strong growth in poor management of resources.

The report said: “Adverse economic developments in parts of the continent, including Nigeria, the largest economy, suggest that Africa will continue to experience weak growth at best.

“African airlines’ traffic rose to 3.6 per cent in August, year-to-year which was the slowest growth among the regions, but the second consecutive month of growth.

“Capacity increased to 2.9 per cent with the result that load factor improved 0.5 percentage points to 75.2 per cent.”

It said that apart from the African situation, there was a strong growth in air travel demand for both domestic and international traffic globally.

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