6 Killed, 17 Houses Burnt Down In Fresh Attack On Sunday In Fan-Barkin Ladi

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Last night, at about 2:45 AM of 1st July, 2018, Rahwol-Fwi popularly known as Mararaba Kantoma, a community in Fan District of  Barkin Ladi LGA was attacked by Fulani herdsmen. As a result, over six(6) persons have been confirmed dead, Baptism Church,  pastorium, Government Hospital and 17 houses razed down.

The attack lasted for almost an hour before the intervention of Nigeria military as narrated by an anonymous source from the affected community. The source also added that “when we were on surveillance, we saw Operation Safe Haven’s Motorcycles riding from our interior bush towards Mararaba Kantoma, we concluded that the military is on patrol based on security information that Fan communities would be attacked. We never suspected them to be the attackers until when we saw a  private motorcycle called Bajjaj passed-by towards Mangu’s  direction, then had a U-turn shortly after which the suspected military opened heavy gunfire at us. The attack became very tense when the gunmen advanced into the area and started setting buildings blaze and getting at us.”

When further asked as to the response of security agents, he said, “we called severally but the security were not responding to our distressed calls until when the damage has been completed before they came.” He added that “how will the security intervene on time when they might have known that it’s their personnel who are on joint operation with Fulani herdsmen?” Now, there are high suspicions and tension that the safety of the locals is not guaranteed, going by the actual implementation of jihadist programs last night after a security information circulated widely that Fan District would be invaded by Fulani herdsmen architecturally front by Nigerian military.

In the same vein, it’s reported that Jol community of Riyom LGA was greeted with another dark knight of farmed crops massive mowed down.

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It’s recalled that Jol has been at the front-burner of jihadist oppression in the recent times. For instance, the village has on daily basis been subjected not only to continued aggression of the military might of the Fulani herdsmen but also over 105 farmed crops were mowed down on 7th day of June, 2018, leaving the victims in a state of despair and hopelessness. Such a barbaric treatment has last night been visited on the locals of Vwak, Tanjol,Tarai, Danjol and Darin hamlets where over hundred farms were completely mowed down again.

The affected persons are crying aloud for aid as curfew declared appears to have given the herders an edge to continue their regular exercise of inhumanity.

Government and all relevant agencies including  Nongovernmental Organizations are implored to come to the aid of the oppressed farmers.


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