Tarok Community Presents Letter Of Protest To PLHA Speaker By Yakubu Busari, Jos

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Plateau-StatePlateau North Chapter of the Tarok communities yesterday sent a protest letter condemning the extra judicial killing of innocent civilians  in  Wase Local Government  of plateau state by the Nigerian Army last Saturday.


He however stresses the urgent need for the law makers to step up effort to probing the wanton killings.


Consoling with them the Speaker of the state house of assembly RT Hon. Titus Alams also condemned the killing innocent people saying the house will work hand in hand with national Assembly to ensure that the perpetrators are brought book.


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He pointed out that ,as leaders in Plateau  state  this issues of Tarok nation being attack is not only the Tarok that were they are targeting .


He lamented that major tribes are under attack on the Plateau which portent danger that after they will   finish with major tribes ,the minority tribes are threatened  because the  attackers on the trail of major ones  .


He assured that  the House will take critical look at the  complaints and direct appropriate action to be taken against those perpetrators because   nobody will play politics with it, stressing this is a situation that is  a survival not  Tarok Nation only but the entire plateau people .


Alams pleaded with the people of Plateau state to reflect on this ,we have receive your petition as members of seven assembly we shall ensure that adequate attention will be given to it.



Addressing the Natives Chairman Ngwan Ishi Otarok Northern zone ,Mr  Nagor  Ndam pledged the support of the Plateau state   House  of Assembly members to put an end extra judicial killing of innocent citizens  .


The Tarok protesters who all dressed in black attires signifying that they are mourning the massacre of their brothers in Kadarko district of Wase by the army with inscriptions,” soldiers are terrorist and political hired killers,is Tarok land a Sambisa forest? .who protects the civil society ,the Tarok nation condemns in its totality the massive killing in Wase ,commander in chief stop the killing of our innocent women ,children and men in Wase. ,who wears the Green uniforms ,we stand with Kadarko and Plateau against killing


Nagor while presenting letter of complained to the speaker of PLHA ,Rt Hon.Titus Alams that this conspiracy has manifested in to killing of armless and help civilian burning their corpses.


Member representing Wase ,Hon .Daihibu Dauda said for past 2 to 3 years the area have been engulfed in crises and just of recent some military men went and Killed people in Kadarko district .

He said the situation is so pathetic and inhumane ,stressing he is not in support of what happened in his constituency .


Dauda called on Federal government to embark in  thorough investigate into  the remote causes of killing which is undemocratic.


Hon. Joyce Ramnap revealed that military men were responsible for the massacre of women, children and men and property worth millions of were destroyed .


According to her, the crime committed by people is yet to be make known to the general public so full scale investigation should carry out to find out who is responsible.

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