Jang Outraged Over Alleged Link To Wase Killings By Yakubu Busari, Jos

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Gov-JangGovernor, Jonah Jang, has denied any involvement in the killing of citizens during clashes between militia groups and the military.

Scores of people died amid reports Jang had deployed the military.

Jang said it was “uncharitable, disheartening and unfair” to drag his name into the recent killings.


“The governor said it is a height of irresponsibility for anyone to envisage that for political reasons a governor will connive with soldiers to kill his subjects,” his Executive Assistant on Media, Clinton Garuba, said.

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He said it was widely known that neither the men of the Special Task Force (STF) nor the police take orders from him.


“They are both controlled from Abuja by the Defence Headquarters and the Force Headquarters respectively. To insinuate that the Plateau State Government has a hand in the matter is only a ploy to taint the image of the Governor and the State Government,” the governor’s spokesperson said.


He cautioned that the time for partisanship was over and the government was now in a transition period and was doing everything within its ability to have a smooth transition to the incoming administration.


“To try to drag the Government into this matter smacks more of a deliberate contraption to rubbish the government and paint it in bad light before the court of public opinion”.


“The state government recognises that those who lost loved one are in pain but must not allow such pain experienced at the moment to push them to the point of making unguarded utterances that will fan the embers of hatred and disunity among the people.”


Meanwhile, Garuba disclosed that the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) had been mandated to bring relief to the affected communities.


“This is part of the little way government can assuage the sufferings of the people affected. Government will continue to do whatever is within its powers to protect the lives of citizens until it bows out on May 29,” Garuba said”.

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