37 Year-Old Man Who Defiled A 14 Year Old Girl In Jos, Arrested

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Yakubu Busari

A 37 year-old Businessman known as Mr. Ikechukwu  Nwoye  has been arrested by security agents for defiling a 14 years girl at Zarmaganda of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau state in Jos.

Speaking to journalists at the family residence, the victim narrated her story that she was raped by Ikechukwu Nwoye and as a result of the rape she sustained various degrees of internal injuries leading to loss her of virginity.

According to the victim, (Hanatu) she became friends with one Miss Dinatu at ECWA church Zamanganda and her new friend gave her a number to call which unknown to her was Mr Ikechukwu Nwoye’s phone.

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Miss Hanatu who was raped by Nwoye revealed that when she  collected the number she pleaded with  one woman’s to use her phone to make the calls ,so when she called that number it was a man that answered and  then she  asked him  who are you ,he said ,when we meet you will know me that was  on the 17 April 2017 .

However, Miss Dinatu who plotted and arranged for the date quickly asks if she will accompany her to the carnival at the Old-Airport.

Hanatu explained that ,they arrived the Old-Airport then someone  tap her at the back and called her name and she said who are you ,he said;  “I am your uncle ,she said, if you’re my uncle call my grandmother name now but  he insisted and held her hands  and drag  me that I must  come with him to know his place and that after then,  we will go and see your grand mum ,” he said.

Our correspondent gathered that, the two girls went to the man’s House and he asked her (Hanatu )  to sit down he picked one Indomie noodles  and put on fire after a while he remove one black leather from his pocket and put it inside the Indomie and ask her to eat the food but she refused, he then grabbed her and push her in to the bed and removed a knife and threatened that  if you shout I’ll kill you, he remove her skirt and tore her pant and raped her.

She shouted in pains for help but no one could hear her, there was blood all over her. he kept her there till the next morning and ask her to eat the Indomie before she go, she still refused, he tried forcing her but she held her mouth close, so he took her and drove  her close to her street.

At about 6 pm when Mary, Hanatu cousin sister that she is staying with went straight to the uncle’s house to report that Hanatu is missing on their way to report the incident at the police station the meet Hanatu coming and was walking slowly, so they asked her where she’s coming from she said from one of the uncle house so the uncle said uncle?  take us to the place on reaching, there the uncle then knocked at the door, there was no response, so they ask her how she came about the uncle, so she gave the uncle the number and parents  called him.

It was confirmed that he has been arrested and the case has been transferred to the State CID for further investigation, the parents of Hanatu are calling for justice that their daughter’s future has been destroyed and they are calling on Human rights organizations, civil societies and NGOs and also Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry Of Justice to step into the matter.

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