2015: We Will Sweep The PDP Out Of Power- Gombe APC By Kalshingi H Jedidah

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Ahead of the general elections, Gombe state chapter of the All Progressive Congress has said it was confident that Peoples Democratic Party leadership would be swept out of office before noon on February 14 election to give way to the much desired change in the state and country.
APC gubernatorial candidate in Gombe state, Alhaji inuwa Yahaya spoke at a campaign rally in Nafada, saying the PDP government in premonition of their fate would have preferred to have the election suspended
 He is confident that the people in view of their awareness would have obtained their voters cards and pleaded with all eligible electorates who are yet to get their Permanent Voters Cards to please do so.
“I am sure in that in this area, everyone is ready, everyone has obtained his PVC. Whoever has not, I beg you in the name of Allah and the prophet to please go and get it.
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 “The card is the weapon that we will use to effect the change that we all want because without card, no election; if no election, no change.
“These people (PDP), their desire is that there should be no election so that they can continue in office and continue to suppress and oppress the masses. They have done their worst and we are all fed up. The only thing now is to sweep them out,” Inuwa said.
He urged people to vote deceit out of the state noting they have been deceived with phony establishment of School of Islamic and Legal Studies as well as inability to pay students bursaries.
Former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and the candidate, Gombe North Senatorial district, Honourable Usman Bayero Nafada urged electorates to turn out en masse as they always do to vote APC in totality.
 He frowned at the ongoing campaign in some quarters to vote APC at the presidential level and PDP governorship, saying:  “If you will do APC, come do APC. The talk of do this or don’t do that, we are not part of it.”
“For that reason, we in Nafada local government Insha Allah, by noon on February 14, we have finished our elections here. On the 28th, God willing before 11:30am, we are through with our elections.”
 Chairman of the party, Barrister Magaji Doho said electorates should regard voters cards as weapons of war which everyone must have and must turn out to use when the need arise.

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