2015: Middle Belt Moves To Resist Violence, Promises To Vote Against Sentiments Masoyi Lusa, Bauchi

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The Middle Belt extraction has said, it will resists any move to stop political mayhem in the region as occurred in 2011 elections when its people were affected adversely
Just as it said, it will mobilizes its extraction to  votes against any sentiment that is bordering on religion and ethnicity to protect the interest of the middle belt who have the capacity to decide who rule the country
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Dr Bala Takaya made the statement while addressing mammoth crowd under the aegis of Middle Belt as a strategic to sensitize the people to use their votes against hand fill of individual to divide the corporate existence of Nigeria
Takaya laments the political permutation specifically in Adamawa where it’s PDP gubernatorial was pick to replace the interest of Hausa/Fulani saying same had happen in some states which justify sentiments
“We can no longer wait again to see the future of middle belt been perpetually truncated by selfish individual who has continued to branded themselves illegible to rule the nation just to protect their interest and to the detriment of our people who rescued the nation from the verge of collapse through former head of state  Yakubu Gowon” said Takaya
He boasted that the middle belt is not leaving any stone unturned to check mate the Hausa/Fulani domination in politics saying no amount of intimidation through rented thugs will save the situation during February elections
Even as the MB   laments the hardship suffered since the 2011 political mayhem it reiterated its position to vote for PDP not just because of any sentiments but to protects its legitimate interest
It also warns those responsible for the attacks on middle belters in some states like Plateau to stop the dastardly act before it may be free for all

“We have the capacity to the callous, reckless and nitty-gritty against the middle belters that had since subjected the region under impoverishment, fear and perpetual domination by the Hausa/Fulani” Takaya fumed

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