2015: Jonathan May Not Win 25% In Kano, As His Men In Kano Are Not Doing Enough-Sen Hanga

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In this interview with universalreporters247.com, Senator Rufai Hanga, speaks on issues concerning why he joined the PDP, why Jonathan may not get the required 25 percent votes in Kano, and other issues.

The Excerpt:
Since you joined the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, one would have expected that the  joining of the party was due to some reasons, what are really your reasons that made you to join the PDP?
The reason for me joining the PDP is that one as a politician I know, what am doing is the right thing to do now, forget about all these propaganda going on, you see PDP, we initially never like it because of the atrocities committed by the people driving the party, but now if you look at it all those that committed these atrocities in the party are no longer in the PDP, they have left it and they are in the APC. PDP is just a vehicle, when the reckless drivers have abandoned the vehicle and joined another vehicle, so is only wise for you not to join the new vehicle that the reckless drivers have joined, because they will drive it recklessly like they drove first one. So if you want to choose, I would rather go for the one wrecked by this reckless drivers because it is safer, that is why I joined PDP.
Unlike you being someone who is vocal, one would have expected that soon after joining the party, you would have been heard everywhere both media and others, but since joining the party, you have remained quiet, is seems that you are not showing concern, what is the reason for this.
Is not that I am not showing concern, I have not been in the media talking both here and in my State Kano because the PDP and Mr. President has more than enough people to work for them, two Ministers and three advisers, a managing Director of Ports Authority, and so on and so forth, all these people are in a position to do whatever necessary for President Jonathan, infact that is why they are there. They have the resources; they have everything to do it. If nothing is happing I shouldn’t be asked, they should be asked and is not for me to approach anybody or any person because I am not the person that will tell them to come and countered all the lies the APC are doing, even if I want do it I have no access to people and I have no listening ears, so what does someone expect me to do. You don’t expect to see me going round, knocking closed doors, I have not been invited, I have not been involved, and so what do you expect. However, in spite of all this I am not complaining, I am not looking to be invited, I know what I can do and time will tell, those who think they can do better we are watching, and I have no reason to exert my energy until a recognition comes.
People from your state Kano are of the view that the Jonathan’s people in your state not doing enough, as they don’t see a enough what these persons are doing to bring the image of President Jonathan up, according to the people in Kano they believe that nobody is countering all these APC propaganda against the PDP and Jonathan in Kano. For instance, they said, there no rallies, no flags, no banners, no party vehicle moving round.
I cannot say they didn’t do enough, I think they are doing in their own way.
If you say they are doing it in their own way, and people are complaining that are not seeing it, don’t you think it is better you approach people at the top or the President himself.
I have no access to him,  and even if I have access, I am not suppose to be reporting, if I say look what is it, it looks as if I am reporting somebody, because I think they are doing it in their own way, it is just a matter of time, maybe they are doing underground, that is why were are not seeing the vehicles, the flags and banners, not even meetings. I am not blowing my trumpet, but I am not supposed to be ignored, but since I joined I went round everybody, all the persons in Kano, I told them that I have joined the party from my ward in my local government and that I am available for anything that will see the upliftment of the party, but I was invited to a meeting only once and my people were denied involvement, they have not also approached them. However, we are not worried, there is no going back, but certainly there are times when we cannot worry ourselves as we have tried our best, we are still party members, we go where we are involved, we will go where we are invited, we will exert our energy if we are recognised. We will remain loyal party members.
So does that account for the reason why when the President declared, you were not seen there.
Well, I rushed to Abuja, a day before his declaration hoping that I will be invited, but I was not, my people were not invited, and people were asking aren’t we going, and I told them that I don’t think we are going because we are not invited. More than ten support groups of Jonathan appointed me as their patron, and I have all the letters from these ten support groups and I have been attending to them, up till this moment I have been attending to them and when I said attending to them, I mean attending to them. They have also asked me whether I am going and I said you don’t expect me to go and gate crashed, so this is the situation but am not complaining. Maybe that is the style, you can change somebody, however I am not used to this style, in my  political life, when somebody is important, he is very important and I involve him, I bring him or her close, so that all his or her followers will come close, that is how I do, but I think my own style is different, when you are in Rome, you do as the Romans do.
What is the prospect of your party, the PDP, with the opposition do you think your party still have a chance.
Well, my believe is this,  don’t underestimate the enemy, don’t underestimate anybody, especially when you are not doing enough. I will like to confirm to you that Mr. President Jonathan, has done a lot for this country, even in my state in Kano. He has done a lot of projects, the overhead bridge, so many things he did, and Mr. President is only second to Abacha in service delivery in Kano, you Abacha is from Kano. All other Heads of state none have done what Abacha and Jonathan has done. If you come to Abuja you see gigantic projects going on, the Bridge they are building, Rail lines, look at the developments, the areas they are opening, is just unfortunate that APC has much access to media than him and people are saying that the propaganda machine is stronger than the Propaganda machine of Jonathan, that is why they are not countering, because we that are onlooker we know a lot of things that are not being countered. I know a lot of things, and is unfortunate and I pity because if somebody is doing a lot and little is being said, little is being done to protect him, well I am sorry that is what I can say.
So with the way it is, in a situation where the president cannot win Kano, do you think he can even win the required 25% in Kano.
Well, I hope so, is a hope , because so many that are supposed to talk on his behalf in Kano are afraid to talk in Kano, so I don’t think he will win the 25% unless something special or miracle is done. The thing is, this everybody should come all out for him. In other states of the federation, I see Governors, Ministers, Senators, etc, printing their posters with Jonathan. I have never  seen it in Kano, there is no such in Kano. So what do you expect. People are afraid to even  talk, afraid to come out and show themselves.
What will be your advice to Jonathan’s people in Kano.
They should please wake up, before it is too late. Because they are banking one thing, a dream which is people don’t like Kwankwanso in Kano, and is a fact, he is the biggest thief, he stole more money than any other person in Kano. So they are dreaming that because people don’t like Kwankwaso they will not vote  APC, but they forget that Kwankwaso are using religious, ethnic sentiments to campaign against Jonathan and PDP and nobody is countering it. So it is a dream that they are dreaming on the basis of people don’t like Kwankwaso.
Just recently, the new Emir, Sir mohammadu Sanusi the second,was at the villa for a meeting Jonathan, what is your take on this.
It is a good one, a good omen for Kano and for every Nigerian  person that loves peace. He did the right thing and we are proud of him. I am grateful to the president. It shows that Jonathan is not vindictive, like some people.

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