Governors Resolution on Minimum Wage is Satanic, Wicked-Fayose

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  • Says: I wish I can Increase Salaries rather than slash it

Ekiti-State-Governor-Ayodele-Fayose-360x225The Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose has dissociated himself from the resolution made by the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) over the N18,000 minimum wage, describing the decision of his colleagues who are mostly from the All Progressives Congress (APC) states as callous, inhuman, wicked, cruel and a ground move by the ruling party to further impoverish Nigerian people.

Fayose made this known while having an interactive session with government workers at Otun-Ekiti, the headquarters of Moba Local Government Area of the state.

“Last week, I read in newspapers, a report credited to my colleagues who are mostly from the ruling APC states, declaring that they could no longer pay a minimum wage of N18,000 to their workers. Let me assert for the records and for posterity sake that I, Peter Ayodele Fayose, your governor in Ekiti State was not part of that satanic resolution.

“Let it also be on record that I and most PDP Governors did not attend the meeting and I did not authorize any resolution. I also wish to inform the general public that the Governors who addressed the press conference were only carrying out the script written for them by President Buhari.” Fayose declared.

Speaking further on the resolution which has been extremely condemned by the General public, Fayose argued that instead of declaring war on the common people, his colleagues in the APC should reduce their excesses and capital flight.

“I will not be part of any decision that would further pauperize Nigerian people. What can N18,000 do in the Nigeria of today that a Governor would say he could no longer pay as monthly salaries?

“Today, the economy is hemorrhaging. There’s no light and no fuel to power our generator. A barrel of crude oil now goes for $39 despite the electioneering promise made to stabilize it, yet, officially, a liter of petrol stands at N87. This is fraudulent. A dollar goes for N236. Our school children are still awaiting their food. The hope of unemployed Nigerian youths has been dashed. The free education promised Nigerians has been denied. They have been ruling us on the pages of Newspaper.

“A liter of petrol now costs N180 in Ado-Ekiti, yet, some people, with all due respect to them, addressed a press conference in the office of the Vice-President, their party man, telling the World that N18, 000 minimum wage has created burden for them and thus, the National Assembly should remove the minimum wage from the constitution so that federal and state governments could be paying salaries according to their capacity. This is unacceptable to me. Their plan is to downsize. They want to institutionalize poverty in Nigeria.

“Consequently, I wish to advise my colleagues to look inward instead of playing to the gallery. They should reduce their excesses. Our security votes should be downwardly reviewed because I have reviewed mine. They should look for how to increase their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

“Our protocol officials and their allowances should be reduced and reviewed. Capital flight should be slashed. I am putting it to them (the governors) that they are carrying out the bidding of President Buhari. They are being tele-guided by President Buhari to act against the common people which is bad for our nation” Fayose averred.

The governor urged Ekiti workers to continue to support his administration, promising that rather than slash minimum wage, if he have his way, he would increase their salary so that hunger and poverty could reduce in the state.

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