YOWICAN Election Crisis: How Daniel Kadzai Floored CAN, YOWICAN At The Court, As Court Nullifies Election Of 27th January 2018

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  • Court Directs IGP, DG DSS, Commandant NSCDC, Other Relevant Security Agencies, To Give Effect Made By Court
  • Sources Point To Musa Asake As Allegedly The Inducement Behind The Whole Crisis

For the Youth Arm of CAN, YOWICAN, this is not the best time as the crisis over election dispute has already taken over the religious body. As learnt by universalreportersng.com Rev. Musa Asake is being alleged as the master-minder of the whole crisis, all in a bid not to have any challenger in whatsoever he does as CAN secretary General.

The matter which has taken a long tussle is already in court, according to a letter by Engr Daniel David Kadzai, YOWICAN outgoing National President, which he addressed to All CAN National Executives, Zonal CAN Chairmen, State CAN Chairmen, Bloc Leaders, he said; “Beloved, Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ. I’m compelled to approach a court of competent jurisdiction for interpretation and intervention over the YOWICAN tenureship and to put a stop to the reckless illegal elections process that characterize CAN for few years championed by some cabals leading us to the similar shameful crisis of 2016 CAN elections which cause the splitting in the CAN.”

Writing further, Daniel said;” I humbly wish to draw your attention to the irregularities that characterize CAN and the running of this institution of God by that in charge at the National Secretariat. We have been turned into drama theatre due to gross violations of our mandate, unholy alliances, and sentiments. You must arise and rescue CAN! No presence we are never together, contrary to our motto John 17: 21 ” that they all may be one.”

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“I wrote several letters and approach many of you since October 2017, when we discovered some persons attempt to Hijack YOWICAN and install their stooge. No reply or response to that effect, but all we witnessed is hide and seek or hypocritical role. I can’t be party to this while my Christians are massively killed by Jihadis.

He said; “I suspect the role of some national officers in fictionalizing the YOWICAN owing to their political and to boost their internal crisis. We have resisted for long and will vehemently oppose what is evil, including dragging us into shameful Crisis among the CAN National Executives. The decision is to pave way for justice, due and transparent elections process to prevent any fracas amongst peaceful YOWICAN members.  Many are now issuing dangerous threats and have joined in unholy alliances contrary to our belief and practice as children of God. I’ve equally received threats to life, it’s very important to notify you. We must be accurate and transparent.”

As learnt by this medium, the leadership crisis started far back as January 2015 but has escalated since January 2018 when there was an election of a new executive council which was done without following the constitution, as well as when the tenure of the last executive remains about more than 6 months to elapse.

According to the constitution of CAN, its ARTICLE 14 which deals with ELECTION AND TENURE OF OFFICERS PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT (a) Nomination before Election, stated thus; “The President and Vice-President shall be elected by the National Assembly from nominations submitted by the National Executive Committee and shall hold office for an initial term of three years and shall be eligible for a final term of another three years, thereafter the office shall rotate to another Church Group accordingly.”

But as learnt this aspect has been relegated to the background as election were held when the three years of the tenure has not elapsed.

According to Engineer Dan Kazai, he said the election done is faulty based on the fact that his tenure has not ended, and that it will end in November 2018.

According to him the election of Apostle Nyeneime Andy who is of the Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria/Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN/PFN) bloc is an illegality that will never stand; “I am still in office because I have not handed over. I still run my office and nobody has been using it but me. I still have my signatory on all the official documents,” he said.

Dan said that the election is null and void because there was an injunction restraining CAN from carrying out the election process owing to the fact that he applied for that injunction from an Abuja High Court. He also hinted that the Original Summons was signed by CAN Secretary Rev. Musa Asake and the National Director of Education, Women and Youth Development, Elder Biodun Sanyaolu.

Speaking he said; “They should be aware that as long as there is a case in court, all actions must be suspended until it is dispensed it. It is sad to note that CAN officials who should mirror justice and fairness can sign for a court document and still go ahead with the exercise in defiance.”

According to Dan, there are some forces within the Christian body who are hell-bent on making sure that they impose persons they can use as puppets for their surreptitious tactics for the 2019 general elections.

Speaking further he said; “They want to get me out of the way for someone they can use. They want to use CAN structure to make money from politicians next year.”

It would be recalled that the troubles for this YOWICAN began in 2014 when the ECWA/TEKAN bloc where Barrister Samuel Kwamkur came from denied him the nomination and in turn nominated Kazai to represent the bloc. Also, Kazai won the election after he was hugely voted for, a situation that led Kwamkur, to go to court and this caused humiliation for the CAN leadership and created many involuntary peace meetings, all in a bid to nip the crisis in the bud.

After all intervention, there was an agreement for an out-of-court settlement and that agreement and arrangement led to the making of Kwamkur as the National Legal Adviser of the organization.

Meanwhile, Dan Kazai is challenging that since he was sworn in on November 11, 2015, it is improper to remove him from office since he has not completed his tenure.

Findings by this universlareportersng.com revealed that in order to stop Dan from even seeking a contest again, should he desire to do it,  it was learnt that Dan’s fate was stuck down at the last National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of CAN in Abuja where the National Director of Education, Women and Youth Development, Elder Biodun Sanyaolu, presented a memo that was accepted by the house.

The memo as learnt by this medium from inside sources who confided in universalreportersng.com demanded for an approval for the exercise after the acceptance of the 37-year-old limit for candidates, a meeting which Kazai declined to attend knowing well that his input will not have hold whatever decision that will be taken. It is also on a note, that limit for candidates for the office, used to be 40 years old before it was changed surreptitiously changed by the Director for Education, Women and Youth Development, Elder Bidoun Sanyaolu.

Meanwhile, soon after that, there was a secretive memo from Sanyaolu to the CAN president, His Eminence Rev Dr. Supo Ayokunle, the memo read thus;  “Your Eminence Sir,

“I humbly wish to inform you of the following as regards the coming YOWICAN election:

“a. This afternoon, we received a notice of originating summons filed by Dan Kazai whereby he has applied for an injunction to restrain CAN from conducting the election of Saturday 27th January. The case is to be heard on Tue 31st January at the High court in Abuja. No injunction order yet pls.

“b. We have completed the screening of the candidates. Out of the three candidates for the Chairmanship, the one nominated by CPFN/PFN has been disqualified on the ground that he’s 8months above 37years which are the age limit as approved by NEC.

“c. Following the publication of Guardian of 24th January, page 6 wherein, Dan Kazai claimed that the leadership of CAN has been given 5bn and has adopted PMB for a 2nd term and that he’s the only one that opposed the adoption; a reason why we want to conduct election 10months into the end of his tenure, in order to punish him. I met with Senator Phillip from Nasarawa to explain the whole story and to debunk the falsehood.

“After due consultation with the Director Legal, we are informing you of our decision to conduct the election as approved by NEC.

Many thanks for your support sir.”

Meanwhile, the court case filed by Daniel David Kadzai, he floored the CAN and YOWICAN executives when the court nullified the illegal election and ordered that everything concerning the unlawful election is stopped, pending the determination of the suit filed by Daniel David Kadzai.

In the court documents obtained by universalreportersng.com showed that the order was given by Justice M. Balami on 13th February 2018, in the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in the Gwagwalada judicial division which was held in Gwagwalada ordered as follows:

See Court Order Below:

Universalreportersng.com findings revealed that in spite of the court order, those that emerged in the unlawful election has continued to carry out alleged illegal activities using their purported office.

Meanwhile, lending its voice to the court Judgement, a Christian group under the name Northern Youth Christian Association commended the judgement of the Abuja high court that nullified what the group described as a kangaroo election by some selected executives of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) last month to prematurely ends the tenure of the national president of Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) MR. Daniel David Kadzai.

The group’s secretary, Mr. John Dodo, said in a statement made available to journalists yesterday in Yola that the Kangaroo election organized by few executives of CAN when the tenure of the present leadership of YOWICAN still remained 11 months, was not only a show of shame but a demonstration by some desperate religious leaders to use the name of church for personal interest.

Dodo said that the national president of CAN did not only lost control of his office to commercial religious leaders that form part of his executive, but that CAN have been reduced to a shopping complex where buying and selling in the name of God take place.

He stated that those that conducted the elections in YOWICAN 11months before the expiration of the tenure of Kadzai led leadership are not only worse than Fulani herdsmen killers but that they are promoters of evil in the house of God.

“When the truth doesn’t come out naturally from the Church, the Church compels the search for truth by all means.”

“When rebellion is rewarded in the Church, then rebellion becomes the character of the church and the church becomes a theatre of chaos rather than reconciliation and order.”

“It is sad that it seems the truth is only being found in CAN when compelled by a court of competent Jurisdiction.” he maintained.

Meanwhile, when the medium contacted Rev. Musa Asake, he declined to comment, but referred universalreportersng.com to the Director of Youths, whom he said is in the know of the whole issue, but calls made to the Director of Youths were not answered.

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